Protests for September 19

Summary On Saturday night, protesters marched through downtown, passing the Gus J. Solomon United States Court House, City Hall, Portland State University, and the Central Precinct and Justice Center and stopping at these locations for speeches. Federal agents briefly appeared outside the US courthouse but did not engage the protesters. The protest continued to march … Continue reading Protests for September 19

News for September 13

Summary The city's break from protests continued today as the air remains hazardous throughout the Portland Metro Area. There are many resources online to monitor air quality levels, one of them is here: Media Fire Related KOIN MAPS: Wildfires, evacuation zones around OregonOregon OSHA issues guidance on work in smoky conditions OPB Southern Oregon … Continue reading News for September 13

Protests for September 12

Summary On Saturday afternoon, protesters braved the extreme smoke conditions to march to the Multnomah County Juvenile Justice Complex, where organizers spoke about the impact of policing and incarceration on youth. They remained for 32 minutes, in recognition of the 32 juveniles who are incarcerated there. Multnomah County Sheriffs Deputies were present but did not … Continue reading Protests for September 12