February 9, 2021 Protest – Shutdown DAPL


Earlier today, a group of Standing Rock Youth held a 93 mile run, at the end of which they demanded that President Biden shutdown the Dakota Access Pipeline. In solidarity with this protest, Portland’s “Indigenous Bloc” organized a march beginning at Holladay Park. Around 50 protesters began marching from the park around 10:10 pm and arrived at their destination, the local headquarters of the Army Corps of Engineers, around 11 pm. During the march protesters chanted, danced, and dropped a banner on a freeway overpass. Once at the Army Corps building, indigenous community members gave speeches until the end of the demonstration just after midnight.

However, as protesters were leaving the area, a small group gets detained by federal Homeland Security officers. Altogether 4 protesters are detained, one of which is removed from the other three and moved to a police van. Despite none of the protesters being informed of the reason for their detainment, they are held for upwards of half an hour before suddenly being let go without any citations or charges. By 1:30 am, all protesters are finally able to get out of the area and the night came to an end.


A demonstration demanding President Biden to shutdown the Dakota Access Pipeline begins at Holladay Park.

The march begins just before 10:10 pm.

Protesters drop a banner on an overpass.

Just after 11:30 pm Indigenous community members begin giving speeches.

A Homeland Security police car is spotted in the area.

With speeches done, the demonstration comes to an end just after midnight.

As protesters are leaving the area, several are detained by Homeland Security officers without being given a reason.

In the footage below, a Homeland Security officer without a mask holds his jacket over his face. This is not know to be effective and does not replace wearing a mask.

All four detained protesters are released by 1:20 am.

The night is finally able to officially come to an end by 1:25 am.

Media Present

Police Agencies Present

Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service