Protests for September 5


September 5th marked 100 days of protests in Portland, Oregon. In accordance with the milestone, there were many events planned around the city throughout the day. Starting midday at noon, two different sit-ins took place at public parks, one in north Portland and the other in southeast Portland. Both sit-ins drew crowds of at least 100 community members each, and provided space for community members to speak and perform music. Also present at both parks were community resources and free food provided for attendees.

In the evening, hundreds of protesters gathered at Ventura Park in southeast Portland. Ahead of the planned march, the group sat on the grass in the park listening to speakers and musical performers. As the demonstration prepared to begin marching, they were intercepted by Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers and their loudspeaker (LRAD), which came to Ventura Park and informed protesters that they would not be allowed to proceed to the nearby PPB east precinct. Despite this announcement, protesters began marching anyways. Protesters got a few blocks away from the park when they were met by a riot line of PPB and Oregon State Police (OSP) officers. During a brief standoff between demonstrators and law enforcement, multiple incendiary devices were thrown into the space between the two groups inadvertently setting a protester’s legs on fire, which was put out by other protesters. Following this occurrence, PPB declared a riot and immediately began pushing protesters out of the area.

What followed was several hours of law enforcement officers pushing protesters out of the area using physical force and high amounts of impact munitions and tear gas, despite pushing protesters through residential neighborhoods and gassing community members inside their homes as a result. The protesters were split into multiple groups several times, but managed to regroup and continue moving throughout the area despite the continued dispersals by officers. Both PPB and OSP officers also appeared to conduct arrests at random, grabbing whoever was nearest to them or in the back of the pack of protesters as they moved away from incoming officers.

After protest numbers dwindled, several explosions were heard throughout the neighborhood. Some reports indicate an individual in a red car was driving around the area throwing devices out of their vehicle. Information on this event is still developing.

Scheduled Events


Day – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School

One of two sit-ins during the day took place at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School.

Day – Lents Park

The other sit-in during the day took place at Lents Park.

An unrelated incident brought a police presence to the park, although it was not near where community members gathered for the demonstration.

Night – Ventura Park

In the evening, protesters attended a demonstration at Ventura Park in Southeast Portland.

Anarchy reigned at the bathroom line in Ventura Park.

As the crowd prepared to begin the march, police arrived at Ventura Park and made an announcement to protesters that they would not be allowed to proceed to their destination.

Just before 9:20 pm, Portland Police declared the gathering a riot right after a protester appeared to throw some kind of incendiary device in the space between protesters and the line of officers.

Protesters formed a barricade between themselves and law enforcement officers after said officers stopped pursuing them down the street.

During another dispersal, protesters were pushed and separated in multiple directions.

At around 10:40 pm, the two large groups of protesters that had gotten separated earlier in the night had a joyous reunion.

While many members of the group continued marching elsewhere, protesters that had been detained remained behind waiting to be transported.

Back to the protesters that continued marching:

As protester numbers dwindled and the night appeared to be coming to an end, several explosions were reported around the area.




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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Oregon State Troopers


  • pepper balls
  • flash bangs
  • tear gas
  • smoke grenades




Assaulting a public safety officer, Riot, Disorderly conduct II, Interfering with a peace officer, Resisting arrest, Escape III, Criminal mischief III, Attempted assaulting a public safety officer, Unlawful use of weapon, Arson I