News for September 10


With fires throughout Oregon, ongoing evacuations in cities near Portland, and smoke blowing into the area resulting in unhealthy air quality, there was no demonstration on the night of September 10th.

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Buzzfeed News

When They Came To An Oregon Town To Take Pictures Of The Fires, Armed Locals Thought They Were Antifa Arsonists


Wheeler orders PPB to stop using tear gas immediately


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler bans use of CS tear gas in ongoing protests

The Oregonian

Arrest of Oregon political figure for ‘interfering’ with Portland police calls new attention to the nebulous nature of that crime (Subscriber Exclusive)

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler orders police to immediately stop using type of tear gas on protest crowds

Michael Reinoehl died from gunshot wounds to head and upper torso, autopsy found

Rumors about ‘antifa’ wildfires in Oregon are false, law enforcement says

Portland Mercury

After Months of Protests, Mayor Wheeler Bans CS Gas

Good Afternoon, News: Clackamas Biggest Wildfire Concern, Wheeler Bans CS Tear Gas, and Trump Reels from Disastrous Interview

Mother of Murdered Portland Anti-Fascist Activist Still Seeking Answers

The Washington Post

Swept up in the federal response to Portland protests: ‘I didn’t know if I was going to be seen again’

Willamette Week

A Cadre of Helmeted Guerrilla Filmmakers Is Coming to You Live From Portland’s Flaming Streets

An Embattled Mayor Ted Wheeler Says He Won’t Surrender the Portland Police Bureau to His Critics

Douglas County Sheriff Rebukes False Claims About Antifa Arsonists That Spread With Oregon Wildfire

Mayor Ted Wheeler Directs Portland Police Bureau to Stop Using Tear Gas at Protests

Most Oregonians Think Portland Protests Are Violent and Counterproductive

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Explains Why He’ll Defund the Police, But Only a Little

The Public Health Crisis of Racism Starts Early—With Who Gets Bullied at School

Protests for September 9


Despite much of the city’s attention pulled in the direction of the fires burning just southeast of Portland, the nightly demonstration proceeded as usual, just as it has for over 100 days. This event began at Elizabeth Caruthers Park in southwest Portland, the regular meeting spot for protesters that planned to demonstrate at the nearby Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility. At its height the event pulled around 100 – 120 protesters.

Just after 10 pm, the group arrived at the ICE facility. What followed was several hours of chanting and dancing by protesters. Despite the continued presence of a small group of federal officers at the front of the building and documented reinforcements at the back of the building, officers largely did not engage besides to make two announcements to protesters to not set fires near the building. By 12:30 am federal officers had gone inside the building and numbers in the ranks of protesters dwindled, signaling the end of the night.

Scheduled Events


Protesters gathered at Elizabeth Caruthers Park in Southwest Portland for the nightly demonstration.

For more information on the Attica Prison Riot click here.

At about 10:05 pm, protesters who marched from Elizabeth Caruthers Park arrived at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building.

Just after 11:05 pm, federal officers made an announcement on their loudspeaker to protesters.

Just before 12:25 am federal officers, who had been standing outside the ICE facility since protesters arrived, went inside the building.




The Hill

Donald Trump Jr. on alleged Kenosha shooter: He shouldn’t have been at the protests, but ‘we all do stupid things at 17’


Protests continue in Portland, PPB chief talks initiatives and training


New riot charge for protester accused of hitting officer with shield

Night 104: Direct action march planned for Elizabeth Caruthers Park

Record arrests, repeat offenders, dropped charges: August protest stats


Portland Police Urge Protesters Not to Start Fires as Blazes Ravage Oregon

The New York Times

D.H.S. Downplayed Threats From Russia and White Supremacists, Whistle-Blower Says


Portland passes nation’s toughest restriction on facial recognition technology

Portland police officers placed on administrative duty under new protest direction from Mayor Ted Wheeler

The Oregonian

Acting DHS Secretary says elected leaders in Portland ‘played partisan politics with public safety’

Much-touted alternative first responder program now expected to launch a year late

Police confiscated .380-caliber bullet from Michael Reinoehl’s apartment — same kind used in fatal downtown Portland shooting after Trump rally

Witness says officers never gave commands before firing at Michael Reinoehl outside WA apartment

3 Portland police officers put on desk duty while misconduct allegations investigated

Portland Mercury

Good Afternoon, News: Wildfires a Statewide Emergency, Bad News for Violent Portland Cops, and a Tsunami of Bad News for Trump

Portland Pays $975,000 Settlement to Family of Man Slain by Police

U.S. News

How Racist Policies Fostered Portland’s White Majority

Willamette Week

Department of Corrections Deploys Nearly 150 Prisoners to Fight Oregon Wildfires


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