Protests for September 20


For the night of September 20th, the nightly demonstration’s location was the Red House on Mississippi Avenue in Portland. The black indigenous family that has lived there since 1955 is facing eviction, and is using community support and action to hopefully keep their home.

The night started at Unthank Park nearby, where protesters gathered to listen to musical performances and dance. By 8 pm a noise complaint had been issued in the neighborhood, so protesters moved to their intended destination – The Red House. Once there, they listened to speeches by community leaders, musicians continued performing, and a dance party broke out on the lawn of the Red House as well as the street in front of it. The family invited community members to camp out on their lawn, a sit in that was also planned on the flyer for the protest, which some protesters took them up on. Overall it was a quiet night in terms of law enforcement intervention. The music and dancing, however, sustained into the early hours of the following morning.

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Some background on the reason for the location of tonight’s protest, a home known as “the Red House” on Mississippi Avenue:

Protesters met at Unthank Park for a musical performance and dance party, then moved to the Red House.

Just after 8:30 pm, protesters arrived at the Red House.

A neighbor was seen throwing glass bottles towards the crowd from their balcony.

Protesters continued dancing and occupying space on the lot of the Red House throughout the night.

To support the family that lives in the Red House:





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