In this time of COVID-19, we’re also in the middle of an uprising against one of the most unjust aspects of American society: the ongoing deaths of Black people at the hands of the police. Much of what is happening out there on our streets is only seen on social media, making it ephemeral and difficult for people to access if they don’t know who to follow. When news organizations don’t cover protests or only repeat a press release from the people the protest is about, it’s difficult for new people to safely come out and join these actions. It also gives the police we’re protesting against the permission to tell whatever story they want. This site is here to be an archive and a witness.


  • We don’t share identifying details about protesters, including names and photos of faces.
  • We use primary sources whenever possible and corroborate information. The Portland Police Bureau and Mayor/Police Commissioner Wheeler are not considered reliable sources. We also do not rely on information from or support KATU (Sinclair Media), Andy Ngô, and Brandon Farley.
  • We credit and support the independent reporters we depend on for accurate information on what is happening in Portland.
  • We will add content warnings to graphic images of injuries and violence.

This site is a project of The Recompiler.