Protests for August 31


During the day, a demonstration protesting the dams at Klamath River led by indigenous activists was held in Portland. The protest community stood in solidarity with tribes whose lives have been affected by the dwindling salmon population in the river as a result of the dams, which were supposed to come down earlier this year.

In the evening, the nightly protest took place at the North Park Blocks in Downtown Portland. The night’s demonstration coincided with Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler’s birthday. Accordingly, protesters were much more festive than they have been in the past. Some wore party hats, some brought balloons, and some got in front of the crowd on a makeshift stage area and roasted Mayor Wheeler. There were also multiple banners that were present demanding Ted Wheeler’s resignation as mayor of the city.

At about 10 pm, protesters departed from the park and marched to Ted Wheeler’s downtown condo building about ten minutes away. Outside the building, protesters played music, danced (along with an individual in a bear costume), and a fire was set using a garbage can, picnic table, and an office chair. Multiple windows at the ground level of the building were broken, some of which were windows of the lobby of the condos, others were of a dental office that had a space in the building.

At about 11:05 pm, Portland Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly. Only a few minutes after, they upgraded the declaration to a riot and began pushing protesters out of the area using smoke and pepper balls. What followed was hours of police pushing protesters and making mass, often violent, arrests. Multiple instances of excessive use of force were caught on video by journalists on-the-ground. After hours of dispersals and mass arrests, the crowd had dwindled significantly by 2 am and the night ended.

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Indigenous activists and protesters gathered in the morning to protest the dam at Klamath River.

In the evening, protesters gathered at the North Park blocks downtown for the nightly demonstration which coincides with Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler’s birthday.

Just after 10 pm, protesters departed from the park and began marching through the streets.

At about 10:10 pm, protesters arrived at the condo of Mayor Ted Wheeler.

A picnic table appeared to have been added to the trash can fire.

At about 11:05 pm, police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

About 3 minutes after initially declaring an unlawful assembly, police declared the gathering a riot.

Officers appeared and began pushing protesters out of the area.

Portland Police officers executed multiple dynamic charges at protesters, pushing them around the area.

A small group of protesters regrouped at the North Park Blocks, where the protest started at the beginning of the night.

CONTENT WARNING: The video interview below contains a minor describing a sexual assault experience while in Portland Police custody.

By 2 am the protest had ended for the night, and a group of community members went to the Justice Center downtown to do jail support for those who were arrested.




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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau


  • impact munitions
  • pepper balls
  • smoke grenades




Attempted Assault on a Public Safety Officer, Resisting Arrest, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Riot, Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree, Interfering with a Police Officer, Escape in the Third Degree