Protests for September 1


On Tuesday night, a late-announced direct action march at Alberta Park failed to attract many protesters. After waiting until 10 PM for numbers to increase, the group voted to relocate to the Justice Center downtown, though many seem to have decided to call it a night instead. There were widespread concerns about safety, given calls for retaliation for Saturday’s shooting, national attention on the protests again, and the large number of recent arrests. The night ended with no interactions with law enforcement.

Scheduled Events


Protesters are gathering at Alberta Park this evening for a direct action march. There’s a lot of potential attention on this gathering, between the shooting on Saturday and last night’s brutal assaults by Portland police officers.

This was announced fairly last minute and not through the usual groups, so it may be low turn-out. The people lurking earlier are also a concern.

Protesters decided to move to the Justice Center instead, after concerns about the size of the group and safety issues.

The night ended uneventfully, with only small groups of protesters remaining downtown.





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