Protests for September 19


On Saturday night, protesters marched through downtown, passing the Gus J. Solomon United States Court House, City Hall, Portland State University, and the Central Precinct and Justice Center and stopping at these locations for speeches. Federal agents briefly appeared outside the US courthouse but did not engage the protesters. The protest continued to march until returning to the Central Precinct on SW 3rd Ave, then broke out into a dance party. Portland police pushed the group away from the police station entrance for the nightly shift change, but did not arrest anyone. The protest ended around 2 AM.

Scheduled Events

  • South Park Blocks Direct Action March – 8 PM


Protesters have marched to the older United States courthouse, just to the west of the Hatfield Courthouse where much of the protests against federal agents have taken place.

Protesters arrive at the Central Precinct for PPB (on the opposite side of the block from the Justice Center):

Protesters chant “Black Trans Lives Matter”:

The blue uniforms here could be DHS and not PPB:

Police come to break up the dance party:

The protest broke up around 2 AM.




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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Federal: DHS / ICE

Munitions used


Number of arrests