Protests for October 30

Scheduled Events Candlelight Vigil for Kevin Peterson Jr. - 7 PM at NE Highway 99 in Vancouver, WAHere's the family's fundraiser: Timeline I’ve arrived in Hazel Dell. It’s strange to see the street cleared, knowing a murder just took place here. All the police cars are gone, the ME trailer, the detectives, and the … Continue reading Protests for October 30

Protests for October 26

Timeline I’m in downtown Portland where a small group of protesters is gathered to march in solidarity with Philadelphia, where police fatally shot a 27-year-old Black man Monday afternoon. Five Portland police vehicles are parked in and around the park, some with their brights on.— Cata Gaitán (@catalinagaitan_) October 27, 2020 At the burnside … Continue reading Protests for October 26

Protests for October 25

Summary The demonstration of the day took place outside of Portland in Lake Oswego, a majority white, former sundown town. Protesters, led by Moms United for Black Lives, gathered at a park in a residential neighborhood and immediately drew the attention of passersby. Throughout the entire demonstration, as protesters marched through both residential and business … Continue reading Protests for October 25

Protests for October 24

Summary The nightly demonstration in Portland took place in front of the ICE facility tonight. Estimates vary as far as the number of attendees of this protest, but on-the-ground journalists placed it at anywhere between 30-50 protesters. Despite making several announcements to protesters over their loudspeakers, Federal Protective Services officers remained within the confines of … Continue reading Protests for October 24

Protests for October 23

Scheduled Events Undam the Klamath - 5 PM at Holladay ParkResist Dance - 7 PM Timeline At Holladay Park for an Indigenous March to Undam the Klamath River— Sean BoOOoscom ???‍♂️ (@baaascom) October 24, 2020 Marching for water— Sean BoOOoscom ???‍♂️ (@baaascom) October 24, 2020 The Salmon are the peoples relatives, they are … Continue reading Protests for October 23

Protests for October 22

Scheduled Events Justice for Patrick Kimmons - 10 AM at NE MLK & Killingsworth Media Articles OPB Report: Oregon is among 5 states where the threat of militia activity around the elections is highestPortland joins Seattle, New York in lawsuit challenging Trump adminstration’s ‘anarchist jurisdiction’ designationPortland Police Association elects new president The Oregonian Don’t Shoot … Continue reading Protests for October 22