January 20, 2021 Protest – J20 “Fuck the State. Fuck Biden.”


Today is Inauguration Day; this morning Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn is as President and Vice President of the United States. But for anti-fascists across the country, there is still a lot of work to be done despite the new Democrat president. Portlanders gathered at Revolution Hall for a march and were immediately met by Portland Police officers, who asked for protesters’ IDs and searched them for weapons. Officers with bicycles continued harassing the 100-or-so protesters gathered at the park until withdrawing just after 3 pm, allowing the growing crowd to finally march. At its peak, attendance of the march was estimated around 300 people.

The group of protesters got as far as the river before becoming splintered. Some of those in attendance wanted to go over the bridge, while others were moving towards the convention center further north. In stasis due to indecision, most of the group ultimately decided that marching back to Revolution Hall would be better than staying still. As they marched back officers returned and physically splintered the group. Targeted arrests were conducted and protesters were brutalized in the usual manner by Portland Police. By around 4:25 pm the demonstration ended and protesters attempted to leave the area. However, multiple protesters were arrested while leaving the demonstration, including one medic.


An Inauguration Day protest begins at Revolution Hall in Northeast Portland at 2 pm.

Gathering protesters are immediately met by Portland Police officers on bicycles.

Officers return and confiscate a banner, seen above.

Munitions are deployed by Portland Police.

At about 3:10 pm protesters begin marching.

The Portland Police loudspeaker van (a.k.a. “DJ LRAD”) arrives and makes an announcement to protesters, telling them to stay out of the road.

DJ LRAD: “Move to the sidewalks, now.”

At about 3:45 pm protesters arrive at the Democratic Party of Oregon HQ building and promptly smash the windows.

Officers on bikes return to the protest.

As protesters attempt to leave they continue to be harassed and arrested by officers.

Media Present


Agencies Present

Portland Police Bureau


smoke grenades




  • Criminal Mischief I 
  • Criminal Mischief II 
  • Criminal Mischief III
  • Disorderly Conduct II 
  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Possession of a Destructive Device
  • Reckless Burning
  • Resist Arrest 
  • Riot