January 30, 2021 Protest – Abolish ICE


Protesters had a relatively quiet night in front of the ICE facility tonight. Most of the sound in the area came from the drums that protesters kept going throughout the few hours they were there, which drew the ire of one neighborhood resident who took to yelling at protesters from their balcony across the intersection from the ICE facility. According to on-the-ground-estimates, there were around 70 protesters in attendance of this event.

Besides the appearance of a right-wing live-streamer and the previously mentioned irate neighbor, the demonstration was relatively calm until an explosion was heard in the area, reportedly freezing the crowd. Journalists that went to inspect the area found a soy sauce bottle, smelling heavily of something burnt, and other broken bottle pieces where the munition had been thrown, which was also in the yard of The Cottonwood School. After there was no follow up to this incident protesters went back to drumming and chanting in front of ICE.

The only officers seen all night included one seen inside the facility shining a bright flashlight at protesters from a third story window, and occasionally setting it to strobe, and one who was seen moving behind the front door towards the end of the night but never came out. Without police interference and, for once, with the vigil they built still in tact, protesters ended the demonstration around 12:30 am.


A demonstration in front of ICE begins at Elizabeth Caruthers Park nearby at 9 pm.

Around 9:15 pm federal officers begin making an announcement to just-arriving protesters.

A right-wing livestreamer is present at the protest, and is promptly removed by members of the group.

FLASH WARNING: The first 5 seconds of the footage below contains a small rapidly flashing light. The light is no longer in frame after the first 5 seconds.

A closer look at the vigil in front of the ICE facility.

Just after 9:30 pm a munition is deployed in the area, the origin of which is unknown.

Although the footage is not included here, a neighborhood resident has been engaged in a verbal altercation with protesters while standing on their balcony. This is the verbal altercation referred to below:

FLASH WARNING: The footage below contains a rapidly flashing light for the duration of the video.
The seemingly lone officer in the window of the ICE facility sets their flashlight to strobe at protesters.

Federal officers make a third announcement to protesters, but still no police force has appeared on the street.

There appears to be movement behind the boarded-up door of the facility.

With no interference from police, the demonstration ends by 12:30 am.

Media Present


Agencies Present

Homeland Security – Federal Protective Services