January 27, 2021 Protest – Holocaust Remembrance Day Memorial


Community members gathered tonight at a memorial for Holocaust Remembrance Day across the street from the ICE facility. The demonstration was relatively quiet at first, with a mix of people coming to pay their respects at the memorial and protesters closer to the ICE facility chanting in front of the driveway. After a dumpster with its contents on fire is wheeled into the driveway of the building, federal officers emerged to push protesters away. Rather than their usual move of immediately firing tear gas however, federal forces deployed pepper balls and sustained a long standoff with protesters in the street. The dumpster fire was largely ignored until a firetruck eventually came and the fire was put out.

Shortly after going back inside the facility, an unlawful assembly was declared by Homeland Security officers, and federal forces once again emerged to push protesters away from the building. This time however, officers pushed protesters further out, deploying more pepper balls and bull rushing the group. The demonstration ended shortly after, by around 12:30 am.


A memorial for Holocaust Remembrance Day is set up across from the ICE facility in South Portland, and community members gather to pay respects and protest ICE.

Federal officers make an announcement to protesters just after 10 pm, telling the group to stay off federal property.

Around 10:30 pm federal officers emerge from the facility and standoff with protesters.

A Portland Police riot van arrives at the ICE facility with reinforcements at 11:04 pm.

At about 11:15 pm a firetruck arrives to put out the dumpster fire that had been rolled into the driveway of the facility.

At about 11:25 pm federal officers declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

After retreating back into the facility about 10 minutes ago, federal officers and Portland Police have returned to the street to once again standoff with protesters.

Officers begin pushing protesters away from the ICE facility.

By 12:20 am the demonstration has come to an end.

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Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Services
  • Portland Police Bureau


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