News for the week of January 25


AP News

AP Analysis: Racial disparity seen in US vaccination drive

Courthouse News Service

Portland Mayor Pepper Sprays Lawyer Who Got Too Close


To See the Danger of a Domestic “War on Terror,” Look No Further Than This Florida Case


School next to ICE calls for end to chemical weapons use

Medium – Alissa Azar

Jungle Gyms and Grenades: Chemical Warfare in Portland and the Lasting Impacts at a Nearby School


Fatal Police Shootings Of Unarmed Black People Reveal Troubling Patterns


The Oregonian

PDX Monthly

LISTEN: Police Violence, Civil Rights, and Black and Latinx Movements

Willamette Week

Far Right Extremism

AP News


Legacy Salmon Creek in lockdown overnight

The New York Times


The Oregonian

Toronto City News

House of Commons passes motion to designate Proud Boys a terrorist entity

USA Today

Capitol riot inquiry grows to 400 suspects; feds expect to bring sedition charges ‘very soon’

Vice News

Wall Street Journal

Video Investigation: Proud Boys Were Key Instigators in Capitol Riot


The Oregonian

Motels meant to house wildfire victims, chronically homeless won’t open until February at earliest


The Oregonian

The Washington Post

Trump-appointed federal judge in Texas blocks Biden’s deportation ‘pause’


AP News

Biden orders Justice Dept. to end use of private prisons


Biden orders DOJ to end private prison contracts as part of racial equity push


Northwest prosecutors join in call to end federal executions

The Oregonian

‘It’s just a matter of time’: Inmates detail horrid conditions amid COVID spike in Oregon prisons

Perilous Chronicle

“A Dumping Ground of COVID Cases”: Blackouts, Protests, and Outbreaks at Oregon’s Two Rivers Prison

Willamette Week

Oregon Prisoners Could Get the Right to Vote While Incarcerated Under New Senate Bill

Law Enforcement

The Appeal

Austin May Use Money Cut From Police Budget to Buy Permanent Supportive Housing

Daily KOS

Biden executive orders on racial equity to include renewed ban on military equipment to local police


The Nation

The Madcap Mysteries of Homeland Security

The New Republic

How Do You Deradicalize a Cop?


The Oregonian

Portland Mercury

Oregon Legislature Eyes More Police Reform Bills This Session