January 20, 2021 Protest – Irving Park


A protest set to start at Irving Park is suddenly delayed when a car rolls over next to the park.

At around 6:20 pm the demonstration begins despite the police presence in the area due to the car accident.

The march returns to its starting point and comes to an end just before 8 pm.

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January 21, 2021 Protest – Abolish ICE


A small demonstration in front of the ICE facility, also the location of last night’s protest, begins around 9 pm.

Federal officers come out of the facility around 9:30 pm.

A few protesters are arrested around 9:50 pm, including an individual in a wheelchair.

The journalist above who has been posting updates at ICE, Cozca, has reportedly been arrested by federal officers.

With the protest long over, at 3:22 am Cozca announces on social media that she is home safe.

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Agencies Present

Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service