January 20, 2021 Protest – Abolish ICE


After a few hours of rest after Revolution Hall Portland is back out for another protest tonight, this time at ICE. The night began at Elizabeth Caruthers Park, where protesters gathered and began marching from at 9:10 pm. Upon arriving at the ICE facility in South Portland, the 150-or-so protesters chanted at the gates and a small amount of graffiti was applied to the plywood on the side of the building. This prompted an immediate unlawful assembly declaration from Homeland Security and the arrival of officers in riot gear.

What followed for the next few hours was round after round of relentless tear gas being deployed by law enforcement and multiple targeted arrests. There are many reports of those on the ground, including those wearing gas masks, who became very sick because of the gas; one protester also collapsed due to a seizure triggered by a strobing flashlight a federal officer was using. After hours of protesters and police pushing back and forth, towards and away from the ICE facility, by midnight numbers had diminished and the demonstration ended.

A Note on Gas Used Tonight

There have been many reports of adverse effects from the gas used by federal officers tonight, even for those wearing gas masks. It is unclear if what was used tonight is different from the gas used in the past or if it was the sheer volume that has affected protesters, but Dr. Juniper L Simonis and other researchers studys police munitions and could use mask filters for research purposes.

Team Raccoon, who do community cleanup and have provided protest equipment in the past, are also offering to exchange spent filters for new ones.


A demonstration at the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) building is scheduled to begin at 8 pm.

At about 8:17 pm Portland Police make an announcement to protesters ahead of the event while people are still gathering in the park.

Around 9:10 pm, protesters begin marching towards the ICE facility.

At about 9:15 pm, protesters arrive at the ICE facility.

Just before 9:30 pm, Homeland Security officers declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Federal officers in riot gear appear behind the facility gate just before 9:45 pm.

Federal officers shoot a copious amount of smoke/tear gas grenades and impact munitions at protesters.

Typo clarified by tweet author below: “shout” is meant to be “shoot”.

Portland Police officer on bicycles arrive on the scene.

Officers retreat back towards the ICE facility.

As protesters are pushed back towards ICE, more munitions are deployed at them by officers.

*FLASH WARNING*: The footage below contains a rapidly flashing light.

Another angle of an officer macing a protester that is already on the ground:

An officer appears to have misplaced a part of their equipment:

Homeland Security once again declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

By midnight the protest has ended.

Media Present


Agencies Present

  • Border Patrol Tactical Unit
  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service
  • Oregon State Police
  • Portland Police Bureau


  • flash bangs
  • tear gas
  • pepper balls
  • smoke grenades
  • mace




  • Assaulting a Public Safety Officer
  • Attempt Assault of a Public Safety Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Interfering with a Peace Officer 
  • Reckless Endangering 
  • Resisting Arrest