January 6, 2021 Protest – Stop the Fascist Coup


After a turbulent day at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., Portland’s left-wing protesters hold a demonstration of their own with a message to “stop the coup”.

Another individual drives aggressively near the protest and tries to hit protesters.

Portland Police order the crowd to disperse over their loudspeakers (LRAD).

Officers in riot gear appear on the scene around 9:55 pm.

Officers then retreat shortly after.

The banner below reads: “DC cops opened the gate for a lynch mob. Do you think PDX pigs are more loyal? Disarm, Defund, Abolish, before it’s too late.”

Around 10:48 pm police declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Protesters decide to disperse and the night ends by 10:55 pm.

Media Present


Agencies Present

Portland Police Bureau