Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Protest

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Reclaim Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day – 1pm at 700 N Rosa Parks Way




The Oregonian

News for the week of January 18



Here’s why protesters say they’re gathering in Portland

The Intercept

State Legislatures Make “Unprecedented” Push on Anti-Protest Bills

It’s Going Down

Why A New ‘War On Terror’ Will Just Mean An Expanded War On Dissent


The News Tribune

Tacoma police car plows through crowd of pedestrians gathered at downtown street race


The Oregonian

We Out Here Magazine

Willamette Week

Apple Has Donated the Black Lives Matter Mural Painted Outside Its Downtown Store to Don’t Shoot PDX

World Socialist Web Site

Facebook purges left-wing pages and individuals

Far Right Extremism

AP News

Judge says Amazon won’t have to restore Parler web service

Committee to Protect Journalists

Trump lit the fuse, but anti-media sentiment among his supporters may outlast him

The Daily Beast

Now Even the QAnon Shaman Disowns Trump: I Was Duped

Daily KOS

Metal detectors keep finding House Republicans with weapons. How long has that been going on?

Double Sided Media

Oregon National Guard Soldier Under Federal Investigation


Parler Hopes for U.S. Host as Russian Firm Provides Temporary Website

The New York Times

The Oregonian

Raw Story

‘We really are the cucks’: QAnon adrift after Trump ‘fails to ascend as God Emperor’

Vice News


The Oregonian

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s urgent mandate to move homeless campers into ‘humane’ shelters isn’t working

Portland Mercury

With Hazelnut Grove Set to Close, City Looks to Expand Village-Style Shelter Options


Buzzfeed News

A 9-Year-Old Boy Is Set To Be Separated From His Brother By Immigration Authorities

Inauguration Day

It’s Going Down

Resistance In The Streets On #J20 Confronts Far-Right & ICE; Denounces Neoliberalism

NBC News

Trump supporters threatened state Capitols but failed to show on Inauguration Day

The Oregonian

Portland Mercury

Portland Activists Protest Inauguration, Clash With Police

Vice News

On Inauguration Day, the Military Tried to Convince America It’s Safe Again

Willamette Week

Inauguration Day Extremist Threat Mostly Fizzles in Oregon as Biden Administration Takes Power



The Oregonian

7 prisoners file restraining order, ask federal judge to compel Oregon to vaccinate them against COVID-19

Willamette Week

Indigenous Land

Courthouse News Service

Nearly Two Centuries Later, Chinook Might Be Compensated for Their Land

Law Enforcement


Police agencies weigh officer discipline after rally, Capitol riot

The Oregonian

Portland police leave 911 calls on hold for hours, then closed them without response, records show (Subscriber Exclusive)

The Washington Post

After Capitol riot, police chiefs work to root out officers with ties to extremist groups

We Out Here Magazine


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

AP News

Feds: Man in Capitol attack tried to flee to Switzerland

The Oregonian

Washington D.C. Far Right Coup

Huffington Post

Feds Arrest Proud Boy Member Joe Biggs Over Capitol Riot


Nearly 1 in 5 defendants in Capitol attack cases served in military

The Oregonian

Vice News

The FBI Wants to Know Why This Arrested Proud Boy Was Wearing a Walkie-Talkie Inside the Capitol