January 23, 2021 Protest – Abolish ICE


Protesters gathered at Elizabeth Caruthers Park tonight ahead of a march and vigil for child victims of ICE. Federal officers began making announcements early, before the bulk of the group arrived from the park, at protesters who were across from ICE setting up the vigil. Journalists arriving with the marching protesters noticed snipers once again on the roof of the ICE facility, and at least two journalists had a rooftop rifle pointed at them when they stopped to take pictures of the officers.

As protesters stood outside the facility and chanted, drummed, and danced, federal officers came out in multiple waves, initially making a few targeted arrested then reentering the facility. After the first few times officers emerged from the building, they began firing impact munitions and tear gas at protesters. Some tear gas canisters and spent munitions even ended up at The Cottonwood School next door, which has created a concern within the community that children will be exposed to the harmful effects of tear gas in their schoolyard. After hours of munitions being deployed on protesters and another vigil once again wrecked by federal forces, the demonstration ended by 1 am, while volunteers stayed behind and collected munitions for the next few hours.


A demonstration in front of the ICE facility tonight begins at Elizabeth Caruthers Park.

Before the rest of the march leaves the park, a small group of protesters get to the ICE facility ahead of time to set candles for a vigil. Federal officers can already be heard making announcements to the small group.

Around 9:15 pm the march arrives at the ICE facility.

Spotted on top of the roof of the ICE facility:

Federal officers exit the building around 9:35 pm.

A protester has been arrested by federal officers.

Just before 9:40 pm Homeland Security declares the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Just after 9:50 pm an ambulance is seen entering the ICE facility.

DHS officers come out and push protesters away from the facility.

As of 10:40 pm there are still around 100 protesters outside ICE.

Officers come out and make a targeted arrest.

Officers reemerge and deploy munitions at protesters, pushing the group away from the ICE facility.

Protesters push back towards the ICE facility.

Federal officers release another round of munitions on protesters.

The demonstration ends after extensive gas and munitions use by federal officers.

Media Present


Agencies Present

  • Border Patrol Tactical Unit 
  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Services


  • flash bangs
  • mace
  • pepper balls
  • rubber bullets
  • tear gas