News for November 18

There were no protests in Portland today. Media Articles Bellingcat Million MAGA March: Unravelling a Violent Viral Video OPB To avoid fight with Portland police union over new oversight board, City Hall pushes new bill in Salem The Oregonian Opinion: Boost democracy in Portland’s elections with ranked-choice votingPortland strippers who rallied against discrimination file labor … Continue reading News for November 18

News for November 17

There were no protests today in Portland. Media Articles Anonymous Comrades Collective Doxer Gets Doxed: “Proud Boy” Chadwick Jason Seagraves of NCSU Newsweek Mitch McConnell Vows 'Orderly' Transfer of Power Will Happen On Time Despite Trump's Refusal to Concede The New York Times Trump fires Christopher Krebs, official who disputed his election fraud claims. OPB … Continue reading News for November 17

News for November 16

No protests scheduled today. Media Articles Los Angeles Times Portland’s anarchists say they support racial justice. Black activists want nothing to do with them The Oregonian Portland police report 6,283 uses of force during protests in 2020, but data has significant gapsTed Wheeler asks Portland police chief, 911 director for report on emergency call response … Continue reading News for November 16

News for November 15

There were no protests in Portland today. Media Articles Business Insider Native voters aren't 'something else' — we helped swing the presidential election The Oregonian Donald Trump tweets ‘He won,’ but won’t concede to Biden and plans to continue to try to overturn election resultNo, lots of dead people did not vote in Pennsylvania; here’s … Continue reading News for November 15

Protests for November 13

Timeline A small protest is happening at the ICE building in the South Waterfront neighborhood tonight: “We’re a little tired, but don’t forget we still hate you.”The lights are off. Feds say goodnight.— Melissa “Claudio” Lewis (@Claudio_Report) November 14, 2020 There is a small gathering in front of the ICE detention facility tonight. About 20-30 … Continue reading Protests for November 13