Protests for November 4


With summer protests coming to an end and winter protest season upon us, demonstrations have been starting earlier in the day to make up for lack of daylight. Today, the day after the election, there were two different events in the city: one rally and march that began at the North Park Blocks downtown and a voting justice rally at Revolution Hall in North Portland.

The majority of the group at the North Park Blocks was in black bloc. The crowd of a few hundred rallied and listened to speakers in the park before marching east towards the waterfront park. On the other hand, Revolution Hall’s event had far fewer, if any, members of the crowd wearing identity-protective clothing. But they also listened to speakers in North Portland before marching across the river to the waterfront where the two groups converged. They did not stay together long however, before a smaller group marched away from what they had realized upon arrival was a voting-related event. The waterfront rally continued for a few hours with different speakers, and ended without much incident.

The group that marched away, however, was in for a much different night. Protesters marched through downtown, smashing the windows of many businesses along the way, which prompted the arrival of Unified Command (a law enforcement “joint incident command structure” comprised of Multnomah County Sheriffs and Oregon State Police) along with Portland Police, who declared the march an unlawful assembly and then a riot quickly after. Unified Command spent the next few hours pushing protesters around the downtown area and brutally shoving and arresting protesters, legal observers, and press alike. Multnomah County Sheriffs also announced on Twitter just before 7 pm that the Oregon National Guard were being called into Portland.

Keen eyed journalists caught footage of camouflage National Guard vehicles on the move around the downtown area and after 10:30 pm, guardsmen joined Unified Command and Portland Police on the riot line, facing protesters. Dozens of officers from multiple agencies pushed protesters one way but told them to go another, viciously shoved protesters and members of the press to the ground, and forced them to march so far away that they ended up outside of downtown right in the path of a medical emergency call at a nearby home.

When protesters were finally able to get back over the freeway to the downtown area, they marched towards Pioneer Courthouse, where both Homeland Security and Border Patrol agents stood in wait around the building. (For those tallying along at home, we are now at a total of 6 different agencies present in Downtown Portland, Oregon.) After detaining an individual dressed in a law enforcement costume and their friend, federal officers withdrew from the street and back into the courthouse. The night came to an end shortly after.

Scheduled Events


North Park Blocks

At about 5:20 pm protesters begin marching.

Law enforcement officers attempt to make an announcement but their speaker is drowned out by the chanting protesters.

The two protests meet – the timeline of this event continues after the “Revolution Hall” section.

Revolution Hall

The Marches Converge

Across the street from the person with the megaphone, a clergy member provides a land acknowledgement.

An explanation from Sergio Olmos on the split and differing protester ideologies:

The March

While the rally continues at the waterfront, a smaller group leaves and begins marching elsewhere.

Unified Command makes an announcement to the group of protesters remaining at the Waterfront as this group continues marching out of the area

Unified Command declares the march an unlawful assembly at about 6:44 pm.

Officers in riot gear make their first appearance of the night just before 6:50 pm.

Unmarked vans spotted downtown:

Just before 6:55 pm, Unified Command declares the gathering a riot.

Mutual aid on-the-go:

Some protesters reportedly take an interesting route to avoid riot officers:

At about 7:30 pm, officers move away from the area.

Some protesters take the moment of reprieve to commemorate the night:

Just after 7:50 pm, officers arrive back in the area.

Another angle of the protester in the footage above being arrested:

An announcement from Unified Command:

Side Note: The National Guard has been spotted in Downtown Portland.

Just before 9 pm, the crowd makes it to the [in]Justice Center.

Protesters start a small bonfire.

The protest is once again on the move.

Unified Command makes an announcement over their loudspeakers just after 10:20 pm.

Officers arrive to confront protesters once again.

After previously announcing on social media that the gathering was no longer classified as a riot, Unified Command declare an unlawful assembly at about 10:30 pm.

Officers withdraw from the area.

National Guard vehicles spotted driving in the area:

Officers return minutes later and once again declare an unlawful assembly.

Members of the National Guard have joined Unified Command on the riot line.

At timestamp 1:04 of the footage below, a Portland Police officer can be heard referring to the journalist by name and telling him to “turn around” and “turn it around, buddy”.

Law enforcement have been pushing protesters for at least 9 blocks at this point:

Police appear to have pushed protesters directly into the way of where an emergency call is happening.

Two reportedly right-wing counter-protesters are arrested by federal agents.




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Agencies Present

  • Border Patrol
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Multnomah County Sheriffs Office
  • Oregon National Guard
  • Oregon State Police
  • Portland Police Bureau






  • Attempt Arson II
  • Burglary II
  • Criminal Mischief I
  • Disorderly Conduct I
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Harassment
  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Possession of Loaded Firearm
  • Trespass II
  • Reckless Burning
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Riot
  • Sale/Possession of Fireworks
  • Trespass II
  • Unlawful Possession of a Firearm