Protests for November 10


Laurelhurst Park in North Portland is home to a houseless encampment community who received a notice a few days ago that the park was going to be cleared and they would have to leave. In response, community members have organized a Stop the Sweep rally to defend our houseless neighbors from the police clearing the camp. Some community members were in the area bright and early, by 6 am, to watch the area for police. About 50 protesters arrived later in the morning, but just before 9 am a small group of Portland Police officers arrived to tell the protesters that a sweep would not be conducted today. They did not, however, answer protesters asking if a sweep would take place tomorrow. Despite this announcement, around 9:30 am speeches by activists and houseless folks began. Afterwards community members remained at the park until at least mid-day, by which time the threat faced by the houseless folks in the area had decreased.

Scheduled Events


Community members gather at Laurelhurst Park bright and early to defend the houseless encampment against a possible raid by Portland Police.

Some interviews with Laurelhurst encampment community members:

Portland Police officers come and announce that they will not be displacing the houseless community today.

A picture of the notice that the Laurelhurst Park community received:

Camilla from Free Hot Soup speaks:

A joint statement from a group of leftist organizations in the city:

A houseless community member speaks:

Pat Snyder from Beacon PDX speaks:

If you see a sweep, call the Stop the Sweeps hotline: 844-206-2005.

Tents4Homes was on the ground all morning giving tents, supplies, necessities, and food to the houseless community at Laurelhurst Park. You can support their work on Cashapp and Venmo:




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