Protests for November 14


During the day, a right-wing “Defeat the Steal” rally took place in front of the capitol building in Salem. The event didn’t draw any counter-protesters, so the approximately 200 rally-goers waved flags and listened to speeches for the duration of the event.

In the evening, a leftist demonstration took place at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington. This event was immediately met by a small group of counter-protesters, some of whom were open carrying firearms. The counter-protesters harassed leftist protesters and followed them with strobing lights, which caused one member of the press to have a seizure, when they attempted to move away from them. The group of protesters marched around the downtown Vancouver area, but with both a right-wing and police presence in the area, the night ended by 10 pm.

Scheduled Events


A right-wing “Defeat the Steal” rally begins around 11 am in Salem.

Numbers grow outside the Salem Capitol building:

A group of reporters are subjected to threatening behavior by one of the rally-goers:

In the evening protesters gather at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington, just over the river from Portland, for a demonstration.

*FLASH WARNING*: The footage below contains multiple rapidly flashing lights.

Journalist Melissa Lewis is hurt by the right-wing counterprotesters’ flashing lights and departs from the demonstration.

*FLASH WARNING*: The footage below contains a rapidly flashing light.

By 10 pm members of the press and most protesters have left the area and the night is over.




The Oregonian

Willamette Week


Agencies Present

  • Vancouver Police Department