Protests for July 12


A right-wing organized rally, “Oregonians for Peace”, at 1 PM on July 12th drew a crowd of a few hundred people, including some counter-protestors. While words were exchanged between the two groups, the event ended without any physical altercations.

At the nightly demonstration in Chapman and Lownsdale Parks across from the Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, most of the night was largely uneventful. Riot Ribs, quick becoming a Portland protest staple, fed protesters and passersby alike with barbecue and also acted as a mutual aid station providing water, tampons, and Advil to anyone who needed it.

There were various fires set throughout the night, the biggest being a combination of four smaller fires set in the fountain of the former Elk statue. Law enforcement made their first appearance of the night around 2:30 AM after protestors set a fire in the intersection between the Justice Center and the federal courthouse. As The Portland Police and sheriffs were retreating back into the Justice Center after having the fire put out, protestors followed them closely to the door, where an officer fired an unidentified munition into the crowd hitting a protestor.

There are unofficial reports of a few arrests made, but the Portland Police Bureau has yet to release a statement on the number of arrests made during the July 12th demonstration.

Scheduled Events

NW Portland Youth Led Protest – 3 PM

Black Lives Matter March – 6 PM


At 1 PM today, an event called “Oregonians for Peace” organized by a right wing lifestyle vlogger was held at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park downtown. This event drew the attention of left wing counter-protestors, who showed up about an hour into the rally.

The nightly demonstration downtown in front of the Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse began as usual around 9 PM.

Please consider supporting Riot Ribs, who are out by the Justice Center most nights feeding protesters and passersby alike at no charge. (Venmo: @riotribs / CashApp: $riotribs)

At 11:45 PM protestors began making their way from the front of the federal courthouse to the front of the Justice Center across the street.

At 12:20 AM, a small group broke off from the larger demonstration with the intention of marching to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s home.

At around 12:45 AM, an individual showed up to the demonstration and appeared to be instigating verbal altercations with protestors and live-streaming.

An update on the group that broke off to go to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s downtown condominium:

At 2:30 AM, an announcement could be heard over loudspeakers coming from the Justice Center.




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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Multnomah County Sheriffs


Unknown, at least one deployed


No official reports as of 10:30 AM 7/13


No official reports as of 10:30 AM 7/13