Protests for July 21


On Tuesday, Snack Bloc held an intro to protest safety and movie night, and we encourage you to watch the video below if you haven’t been out before.

Around dusk, large groups gathered downtown at the Justice Center and nearby Waterfront Park, including the Wall of Moms and Dad Bloc. Just after 11 PM, the feds came around the Federal crowd from the east and south sides, and burst through barricades that had been set against the main doors of the Federal Courthouse on the west of the building. Protesters pulled back and formed shield lines in several places to the west of the courthouse. A little before midnight, the feds retreated and protesters pushed forward back into the parks and SW 3rd Avenue.

Around 12:30 AM, after a couple of small fires were started at the courthouse doors, the feds used more tear gas, flash bangs, and impact munitions to clear people away from the building and up toward SW 4th. The feds retreated and by 1:20 AM people had returned to the area outside the courthouse, some of them drumming and dancing. After 1:30 AM protesters had formed a shield line as some of them tore plywood away from the courthouse windows and doors. The feds used more tear gas to push people away, creating a giant plume. During this push, tear gas canisters or other grenades appear to have been aimed at flammable objects including a trash can and the grills at Riot Ribs. When people returned to the park, they discovered that medical supplies and the interiors of the grills had been covered in pepper spray.

We saw a number of serious injuries reported, including head wounds and broken bones, and press and legal observers directly targeted.

Scheduled Events

Snack Bloc movie night: 13th (2016) and Protesting 101 – 8 PM at SE 12th & SE Stark


Livestream of the Snack Bloc event if you’d like to check it out!

As with many nights, we’re starting off at the Justice Center with a look around the mutual aid stations in Lownsdale Park.

There’s been a big push to get safety gear for protesters (and journalists, and legal observers) after Donavan LaBella was shot in the head by a US Marshal.

Both the Wall of Moms and Dad Bloc are expected back out in force:

There’s already a big crowd out there:

So many people!

The shield line and the moms are ready, here at the Federal Courthouse:

Barricades are happening!

The feds appear from the Federal Building (two blocks south of the courthouse):

And also out the front of the courthouse:

Various sections of the crowd have pulled back and re-grouped:

In just a few nights, we’ve seen a whole wave of new participants get kitted up and come together:

People are continuing to fill in:

There was a lot of tear gas earlier:

Ready to go again?

A slightly larger fire was started at the other door and the feds respond:

Feds pushing a large group up Main:

Regrouping and getting medical care after that push:

Another round of barricades:

Feds shooting at protesters on SW 4th Ave:

The dance party resumes:

These might be a little out of order, the feds are shooting and tear gassing enough that the reporters don’t have a lot of time to post things.

People are removing plywood from the courthouse now:

It’s been a heavy night for injuries:

Taking the plywood off summoned some kind of evil spirits:

They seem to be targeting Riot Ribs in this last push:

Feds definitely targeting Riot Ribs:

Tear gas is well-known as a method of conflict de-escalation, no?




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Agencies present

  • Federal: US Marshals/DHS/etc

Munitions used

  • tear gas
  • flash bangs
  • pepper balls
  • impact munitions

Number of arrests

PPB: none, Feds: seven


  • willfully damaging government property
  • arson
  • failing to comply with a lawful order
  • assaulting federal officers