Protests for July 16


The day’s events began early on the morning of July 16th, when Portland Police raided and arrested members of Riot Ribs at Lownsdale Park downtown. The morning remained eventful, with the Justice for Patrick Kimmons march downtown which eventually led to where 5 or so pro-police protestors were demonstrating by the Justice Center. This confrontation remained verbal and never got physical. This was also when Portland Police fenced off Lownsdale and Chapman Parks, the grounds for almost all nightly demonstrations in Portland, and the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, rolled into town.

In the evening, there were two main demonstrations in Portland: one at the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office (EMCSO) and one at the Justice Center. Both demonstrations were plagued with rampant police brutality and liberal use of tear gas, pepper balls, and flash bangs. At EMCSO, protestors appeared to be facing off against sheriffs and possibly back-up from Portland Police. At the Justice Center, protestors were faced with federal forces, namely U.S. Marshals with help from other non-Portland Police uniformed officers (possibly Department of Homeland Security). There were many arrests throughout the night at both demonstrations as well as reports of harassment of both press and legal observers, including the arrest of journalist Andrew Jankowski, who has since been released from custody.

Both demonstrations eventually ended in the early morning hours of July 17th.

Scheduled Events


At about 5 AM this morning, Portland Police stormed Lownsdale Park and gave those present, namely the folks working with Riot Ribs, 10 minutes to pack up their belongings and clear the area.

Both Lownsdale and Chapman Parks were fenced off and there is no public access.

Those that were left of Riot Ribs who were not arrested during the sweep of Lownsdale Park continued providing support to protestors and gathering supplies at their new location, the corner of 4th and Salmon.

At around noon, pro-police counter-protestors made an appearance downtown by the Justice Center.

A right-wing agitator, locally known as “Bike Nazi”, made an appearance downtown.

Arrests continued throughout the day in the area around the Justice Center.

Despite losing many of their operational and personal belongings in the early morning raid, Riot Ribs is back in operation downtown.

Reports that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is now in Portland.

Local journalist Sergio Olmos compiled Oregon officials’ tweeted statements about the visit by DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf:

The evening of July 16th saw demonstrations in two different locations: The East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and the Justice Center. The avoid confusion, the timeline has been split by location.

East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office

A protest that began at Laurelhurst Park marched to the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, which they reaching just after 8:30 PM.

Justice Center

Downtown, protestors still gathered for the nightly demonstration in front of the Justice Center.





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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Multnomah County Sheriffs
  • U.S. Marshals
  • Department of Homeland Security


  • pepper balls
  • CS gas
  • flash bangs


Morning/Day Arrests: 9

Evening/Night Arrests: 20


Morning/Day Arrests: Interfering with a Police Officer, Trespass II Disorderly Conduct II 

Evening/Night Arrests: Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, Criminal Trespass II, Reckless Endangering, Elude (Vehicle), Elude (Foot), Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, Resist Arrest