Protests for July 5


There was one event besides the nightly demonstration in front of the Justice Center in Portland on July 5th called “PDX Paint to Protest”, where artists did live paintings and work was auctioned off to support black-led organizations locally.

At the start of the night there were already many law enforcement officers in front of the Justice Center, purportedly there to protect construction workers that were still boarding up some windows at the front of the federal courthouse. After construction finished, these officers retreated back into the federal courthouse. Just after midnight, law enforcement came rushing out of the courthouse, running at protestors in an attempt to disperse them, shooting pepper balls, and arresting at least one person. This happened again two more times before the end of the night. There were also multiple fires started, mostly at the former plinth of the elk statue, throughout the night.

There are reports from multiple journalists on the scene that the Portland Police Bureau did not appear to be present at the demonstration. Law enforcement officers appeared to be U.S. Marshals and agents from the Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Services.

Scheduled Events

PDX Paint to Protest – 3 PM at Cathedral Park


As early as 9:45 PM there was a heavy law enforcement presence in front of the Justice Center downtown.

Just after midnight, around 12:10 AM, federal agents reemerged from the federal courthouse without warning.

At 1 AM federal officers standing in front of the federal courthouse once again rushed at protesters unprompted. The moment was captured by multiple journalists.

Minutes later, federal agents rushed protestors a third time. CW: loud bangs

According to one journalist, Portland Police officers were not present at tonight’s demonstration.





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Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service
  • U.S. Marshal

Munitions Used

  • pepper balls

Number of Arrests

5 Federal


  • assaulting federal officers with high intensity lasers