Protests for July 18


There were many different demonstrations throughout the day on July 18th, but in the evening there were two main demonstrations in Portland. One took place downtown in front of the Justice Center and Federal Courthouse, as is customarily the case, the other marched throughout North Portland.

Downtown, the evening’s demonstrations started with a memorial service for Shai’India Harris, an 18 year old girl that was murdered in the Lents area on July 10th, held by her family. Afterwards, protestors gathered in the street between Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse and Lownsdale Park. Notably, one of the first groups to arrive was about a dozen doctors, adorned in their lab coats, who gave speeches. The next group that caught attention was a group of moms that formed a wall by linking arms on the front line of the protest. Chants such as, “feds stay clear, moms are here” and “leave our kids alone” could be heard from this group.

Protestors also made quick work of dismantling a new fence that had come up around the federal courthouse and used it to barricade the courthouse’s front doors. During their first few attempts at this, protestors were met with smoke bombs and federal agents with tear gas. Federal officers attempting to disperse protestors around 11 PM consequently tear gassed and shoved the group of moms as well, much to the ire of the crowd. Despite withstanding multiple rounds of heavy tear gas early in the night, the crowd remained spirited and trekked back to the courthouse area every time. At its peak there were estimates of 300 – 400 people at the demonstration. The night ended largely without incident after early assaults by federal officers.

In North Portland it was a very different scene. Protesters started at Peninsula Park and began marching, at first with seemingly no end goal. Eventually they reached The Portland Police Bureau North Precinct, where they stayed for about an hour playing music, chanting, and allegedly tagging a police car that was left in the open. When PPB began announcing over their loudspeakers for protestors to clear the area, they began marching away from the precinct. This is something that we have seen little to none of since the protests began.

Approximately 2 miles later protestors reached The Portland Police Association building, home of the PPB union. There, they allegedly set dumpsters on fire and allegedly started a fire in the union building itself, although that was relatively small comparatively. Not long after, the gathering was declared a riot and PPB in riot gear came and confronted protestors in a line. Protestors began marching away once again, but this time the riot cops were right behind them. Multiple times as protestors were walking away, PPB rushed at them from the back, tackling people and making multiple arrests.

Eventually protestors were forced to disperse into the dark neighborhoods, where PPB followed them with their loudspeaker disturbing the neighborhood. There were reports of people coming out of their houses to disseminate supplies and provide refuge for the protestors being gassed and shoved. Protestors were pushed towards the highway and told to move East. Unfortunately, the only thing east of them was a wall. The night ended after protestors endured brutal dispersal tactics and attacks from behind from the PPB.

Scheduled Events


For clarity, the timeline is split by two locations, Downtown Portland and North Portland. Two separate demonstrations happened in these locations.

Downtown Portland

An event was held by Shai’India Harris’s family in her honor at Salmon Street Springs around 6 PM.

In front of the Justice Center, a few hundred protestors gathered, including a group of doctors.

Federal law enforcement made their first appearance of the night at about 10:45 PM.

Another angle of the same moment above:

North Portland

A demonstration was held at Peninsula Park in North Portland, beginning at 6 PM.

Just before 8:30 PM, protestors coming from Pensinsula Park arrived at the North Police Precinct.

Around 9:30 PM, protestors began moving again, marching away from the North Police Precinct.

At 10:30 PM, protestors marching in North Portland arrived at The Portland Police Association (PPA) building.

At around 11:15 PM, Police charged at protestors a second time.




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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • U.S. Marshals
  • Department of Homeland Security


  • smoke bomb
  • tear gas
  • pepper spray
  • flash bangs




Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Police Officer, Riot,  
Assault Public Safety Officer, Attempt Assault Public Safety Officer, Resisting Arrest