Protests for July 7


Two overlapping events took place at the Portland Justice Center last night: a sit-in at the Federal Courthouse organized by a new group called Portland Protest Bureau, and a candlelight vigil for Summer Taylor organized by a youth-led direct action group. At about 11:50 PM, federal police burst through the park where the vigil was taking place, using flashbang grenades that were reported to be much louder than those used on previous nights. Around 1 AM, a smaller group of protesters who remained at the JC confronted Portland Police during a shift change. Another confrontation occurred around 2:30 AM.

Scheduled Events

Night of Rage for Summer Taylor, 10pm


Starting off at the Justice Center tonight with speeches and food:

The sit-in seems to be organized by a different group than the “Night of Rage for Summer Taylor” that is now organizing to march:

Federal law enforcement rushed out of the Federal Building after the sit-in organizers were reportedly confronted for collaborating with them, breaking up the vigil with flashbangs:

Protesters regroup at the Justice Center after a check-in on the candles placed for the vigil:

These grenades are serious weapons:




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Agencies present

  • Federal protective service
  • Feds in brown/camo (USM? CBP?)
  • PPB

Munitions used

  • Low roll distraction device x 2
  • Pepper balls/impact munitions

Number of arrests

None reported as of noon 7/8


Protests for July 6


The demonstration downtown in front of the Justice Center and federal courthouse remained largely uneventful throughout the night. Protesters had snacks from the snack van, ate barbecue, and individuals on bullhorns made speeches. There was no documented law enforcement presence until around 1:30 AM. At this time only one journalist from the night was still there, and has video of law enforcement in the U.S. Marshals’ camouflage uniform giving verbal commands to protesters to back off federal property, including the sidewalk around the courthouse.

Scheduled Events

Vanessa Guillen and BIPOC United Rally – 6 PM


Early in the night, a Homeland Security car was spotted near the federal courthouse downtown.

Most protesters remained around the Salmon and 3rd street area, which was also where the snack van and barbecue station were.

Around 11:40 PM, protestors moved towards the Justice Center.

The night had been quiet until around 1:30 AM, when federal agents emerged and began moving protestors away from the federal courthouse.





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Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service
  • U.S. Marshals

Munitions Used


Number of Arrests

None confirmed as of 3pm 7/7