Protests for July 24


On Friday night, a wide range of groups gathered downtown to protest, including teachers, lawyers, chefs, Asians for Black Lives Matter, and a skilled drumline. City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty spoke about the importance of the movement, saying “we have the right to seek redress from our government” and “we are setting the standard for the rest of the country”. She continued, “if we fail, democracy is doomed.”

The thousands of people who gathered spilled over into nearby streets, unable to completely fit on 3rd Avenue in front of the Justice Center and Federal Courthouse, and the adjacent parks. A small group in front of the courthouse fence pushed it back and forth, causing it to sway. At about 11 PM, the federal officers deployed tear gas into the crowd, which was still too large to readily disperse. Protesters successfully diverted the gas back into the federal courtyard, using leaf blowers.

Around 11:30 PM a group was spotted using an angle grinder on the fence, while protesters with shields and umbrellas screened them from being viewed from the other side of the fence. This didn’t result in taking the fence down, but a small hole was later spotted by reporters. After another round of tear gas, the feds were seen using their own leaf blowers to try to move the gas back toward protesters.

A little before 1 AM the feds announced the gathering was an “unlawful assembly” from their LRAD speakers. It’s unclear what legal or practical impact this declaration has. Hundreds of people remained chanting, dancing, blowing bubbles, drumming, and eating hot dogs grilled by Riot Ribs. The feds continued to deploy large amounts of tear gas and other munitions from behind their fence. Sometime after 2 AM a fire was started in the intersection of SW 3rd and Salmon, and around 2:30 AM the feds emerged and rushed up the street, toward SW 4th and Taylor (two blocks away). A stabbing reportedly occurred at around the same time, and the feds arrested a suspect. At 2:39 AM the Portland Police declared an unlawful assembly and announced that a large section of downtown was closed. They arrived on the scene where the feds were making this alleged stabbing-related arrest, and appeared to do a hand-over of command. After the feds retreated to the courthouse, using yet more tear gas, and the remaining protesters dissipated.

Scheduled Events


A noon rally brought attorneys out in support of protesters:

The Raging Grannies are also out for an early shift:

Today Lindsey is giving everyone an in-depth look at Riot Ribs, which has become a wildly successful mutual aid operation in just a few weeks.

An early visit from the cops and feds rattled people:

The dishwashing situation reminds me of summer camp and/or Occupy Portland:

One of the several affinity groups coming out tonight is starting to gather:

One of many things available in the park now is a book table, free for BIPOC and donation-based for everyone else:

More groups are gathering at Salmon Street Springs and will march to the Justice Center (a few blocks to the west):

It seems there’s some of everyone out there tonight, and not always in a good way:

Lawyers for Black Lives are marching from Pioneer Square south to the Justice Center:

Another big turnout tonight! Even a car parade:

So many groups!

There’s a mic set up at the Justice Center again tonight and Jo Ann Hardesty (our city commissioner) is speaking:

Wall of Moms is going strong, and today they announced they’re transitioning leadership over to a group of women of color including activists from Don’t Shoot PDX.

There are so many people downtown they’re unable to all fit in the parks and streets outside the Justice Center:

The ongoing use of munitions is absolutely having an impact on the landscape, including this relatively new fence around the Federal Courthouse:

One of flyers going around announced that there would be a dodgeball game tonight, so that might be what these beach balls are about:

They’ve welded the fence together and added concrete Jersey barrier blocks to weigh it down, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

Goodbye fence!

And now for the tear gas:

Safety first! ?

The feds are out:

The feds withdrew and the leaf blowers are working hard:

It appears we’re serious about making sure this fence comes down:

And the feds are back out, trying to ID people:

The crowds are smaller, but not small, you know?

Feds have a peep-hole:

The air is temporarily clear enough to get a look at who’s on the other side of the fence:

People have been intermittently lighting fireworks, and some of it’s quite pretty!

It’s unclear what the feds declaring an “unlawful assembly” means, when the Portland Police do it (before tear gas was further restricted to riots only) it was a precursor to use of force, but the feds have been tear-gassing people since 11 PM.

Energy is still high!

More tear gas:

Checking in on Riot Ribs in the park across the street from all these munitions:

Tear gas forever ~~~

Silly string does get kinda gross:

The feds tried even more tear gas and have cleared most people back a block or two now:

Confirming that this really is a ton of tear gas being used tonight:

The Riot Ribs crew keeps going, but their gas masks are 100% essential:

Behind this front line, people are gathered a block or two to the west getting eye washes and treating wounds.

Meanwhile, a trash fire:

The feds are shooting at people because…?

Then the feds emerged and charged up SW 4th, heading north:

After arriving in the area outside the 7-Eleven, the feds arrested someone who reportedly stabbed someone else:

At about the same time, the Portland Police declared their own unlawful assembly and “closed” most of downtown:

The fire in the street outside the courthouse continues to burn:

The feds hold a line at an intersection two blocks from the courthouse:

The Portland Police are staged a few blocks over, to the south and west:

Portland Police arrive on scene with the feds:

Feds continuing to be present:

The feds retreat:

One of the multiple incidents tonight that continue to show press is being targeted (@MacSmiff also took a hit to the head, which thankfully was protected by his helmet):

Things wind down for the night:




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Agencies present

  • Federal: DHS, US Marshals, etc.
  • Portland Police Bureau

Munitions used

  • Pepper balls
  • Flashbang grenades
  • Tear gas (CS)

Number of arrests

PPB: one


Protests for July 23


On the night of July 23rd, thousands of people once again filled the street and parks in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse and the Justice Center downtown. Early in the night, a small group (around 5 individuals) of counter-protestors stood against the fence surrounding the federal courthouse, proclaiming “Protect the fence and protect the city”, drawing criticism from protestors. Multiple fires were set in the portico between the front of the courthouse and the fence by protestors throwing trash over the fence.

Starting at 12:30 AM, federal officers deployed copious amounts of tear gas against protestors, an action that continued for several hours. This began while federal officers still remained inside the courthouse and shot munitions out the open front doors. They rushed out a couple times to detain protestors that had breached the fence and gotten into the portico, and eventually made their way onto the street. In the street in front of the federal courthouse, federal officers continued to gas and detain protestors, all while pushing protestors west directly away from the courthouse area.

After federal officers went back into the courthouse around 3 AM, calm returned to the area and the night ended without further incident.

Scheduled Events


Around 11:05 PM, the doors of the federal courthouse, where the bulk of protestors were stood, opened. No federal agents exited the building.

A small group of people was seen towards the front line of the demonstration promoting protecting the fence, much to the ire of the surrounding protestors.

Just before 12:30 AM, federal officers deployed tear gas and pepper balls against protestors.

Federal officers exited the courthouse for the first time of the night around 12:50 AM.

Around 1:10 AM, federal officers rushed out of the courthouse and made at least one arrest.

Around 1:15 AM, federal officers declared the gather an unlawful assembly.

Around 1:30 AM, federal officers came out from the fenced enclosure around the federal courthouse to disperse protestors with tear gas.

Federal officers once again filled the streets and parks with tear gas while dispersing protestors to the west of the federal courthouse.

Not sure what to say about this one:

As federal officers made their way back to the courthouse, protestors crept forward the same direction, led by a wall of shields.




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Agencies Present

  • U.S. Marshals
  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protection Services


  • tear gas
  • flash bangs
  • pepper balls


Feds: six


  • assaulting federal officers
  • failing to obey lawful orders