January 5, 2021 Protest – Solidarity with Kenosha


The District Attorney in Kenosha, Wisconsin announced today that no charges would be brought against the police officer who shot and permanently paralyzed Jacob Blake in front of his children. In response, Portland held a protest in solidarity with Kenosha. This demonstration began at Peninsula Park, the location from which protesters marched to the Portland Police North Precinct. The 100 or so protesters stood outside the precinct chanting, and a small shield line endeavored to slowly move their way up the North Precinct driveway.

The initial appearance of police in front of the precinct was prompted by protesters moving a fence that was around the building, which officers came out to readjust. Officers then came out two more times during the demonstration and conducted targeted arrests, including at least two members of press, and assaulted protesters and press alike. After a night of being chased, arrested, and assaulted by riot officers, but few to no munitions deployed, the demonstration ended by around midnight.


Protesters gather at Peninsula Park for a demonstration in solidarity with Kenosha after the announcement today that the officer who shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake would not face charges.

Protesters arrive in front of the Portland Police North Precinct just before 9:30 pm.

*FLASH WARNING: The footage below contains a rapidly flashing light.*
Video Description: A group of approximately 13 officers wearing riot gear move a metal fence back into place after it was moved by protesters. Off-screen, protesters can be heard shouting profanities at the officers

Upon emerging from the precinct a second time, Portland Police conduct several arrests including one individual marked clearly as press.

An officer grabs and smashes the camera of Dr. Juniper Simonis, researcher and member of the press, continuing their trend of assaulting/arresting press tonight.

The demonstration comes to an end by midnight.

Sean Bascom, the journalist arrested in Justin Yau’s footage above, marks that he is out of police custody less than an hour after being detained.

Media Present


Agencies Present

Portland Police Bureau




  • Resulting in Citation: 2
  • Resulting in Booking into Jail: 2


  • Trespassing
  • Interfering with a Peace Officer 
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Attempt Criminal Mischief II