Protests for September 7


September 7th in Portland saw the start of a windstorm that brought in smoke from fires in the Mount Hood and nearby Washington areas, making the air uncomfortable to breathe in some areas and dangerous for sensitive groups in others. Possibly as a result of this, there was no night demonstration in Portland. There were, however, an abundance of right-wing rallies to cover in the area.

In Oregon City, a caravan of Trump supporters rallied at Clackamas Community College. Hundreds of people gathered and listened to a few speeches before setting off in a caravan that drove along the freeways around the area before some of the group split off while the rest continued all the way to Salem, Oregon. In Salem, the group held a flag waving rally at the city’s capital building. This rally was met by some Salem community members coming out to counter-protest, although the group of counter-protesters appeared to be visibly smaller than the right-wing rally.

Members of the flag waving rally were noticeably aggressive towards both counter-protesters and press. Assaults on multiple individuals were caught on video by journalists on the ground. As a result of one of the assaults, two ring-wing protesters would arrested by Salem Police but were quickly released. It is unclear if these individuals were actually charged with a crime.

In Portland, a demonstration for Black Lives Matter was held around mid-day. Protesters in attendance listened to speeches and performances by community members. The group eventually left the park to march around the area, and by the time they returned for more speeches, the smoke blowing into Portland had gotten visibly more severe. Unlike in Salem, this event ended without any altercations or interference by police officers.

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Oregon City to Salem

Trump supporters held a rally in Oregon City just outside of Portland.

The pro-Trump car caravan made their way to Salem for a flag waving rally.

CONTENT WARNING: The video below shows multiple individuals from the right-wing rally assaulting a leftist protester.

Two individuals who were assaulting a counter protester were arrested…

… And then quickly released.

Cathedral Park

In North Portland, protesters gathered at Cathedral Park for a demonstration and march.

Very important members of the community were in attendance of the march, seen below:





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