Protests for September 6


In the evening of September 6th, protesters gathered in North Portland for the nightly demonstration. Beginning at Alberta Park, the group marched to The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) north precinct. Immediately upon arrival at the precinct, protesters were met with the sound of PPB’s loudspeaker making an announcement stating that the precinct was closed and that anyone that entered the property would be subject to arrest. As protesters stood at the front of the precinct, they chanted, performed music, and set multiple mattresses on fire. The last mattress fire prompted a response from Portland Fire, preceded by PPB advancing on protesters to push them away from the mattress. At least one arrest occurred before officers quickly retreated back into the precinct.

Later in the night, the group attempted to move to the back of the precinct and were met by more announcements from the PPB loudspeaker and a riot line of officers who did not immediately engage with protesters. An incident also occurred with an individual in a car driving aggressively in the vicinity of protesters. This individual reportedly got out of their car to yell at protesters, then eventually drove off without causing any injuries. A few more arrests were made by PPB officers before the night ended by about 1 am.

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Protesters gathered at Alberta Park in North Portland.

As protesters were barely arriving at The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) north precinct, they were immediately issued a warning from PPB’s loudspeakers.

For context, the Boys and Girls Club building is right next to the north precinct (seen in the video below with the Blazers logo on the front).

Around 10:20 pm, PPB officers emerged from the north precinct to move protesters away from the mattress on fire.

One journalist had a strange encounter with a live-streamer:

Context: Brent Taylor is an officer with PPB who has garnered a reputation for brutality during the protests.

Just before midnight, a car drove aggressively near protesters.

A little after midnight, PPB officers reemerged from the north precinct building and arrested protesters.





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Resisting Arrest, Reckless Burning, Possession of a Destructive Device, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree