Protests for September 3


On Thursday, protesters gathered at Laurelhurst Park for a self-care event organized by The Witches, a mutual aid group, followed by a march to the Penumbra Kelly building, where both Portland police and Multnomah County Sheriffs are stationed. Protesters blocked off a section of E. Burnside to shield the group from vehicles. The protest remained uneventful until about midnight, when police rushed the crowd and made a targeted arrest. Police then withdrew back inside the building. At about 12:20 AM a car raced through the protest, narrowly avoiding hitting anyone. PPB then made an announcement over the LRAD that the street was to remain open to traffic. At 1 AM, police came out again and marched a block west, looking at some parked vehicles. PPB and Oregon State Police then returned by vehicle (including OSP motorcycles) to ticket cars and arrest someone. The night ended without further incident around 2 AM.

Scheduled Events


Before tonight’s march, mutual aid group The Witches are holding a self-care and gear resupply event:

Tonight’s destination is the Penumbra Kelly Building, which houses both a Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and a Portland police precinct.

“Black Trans Lives Matter!”

LRAD announcement:

First arrests of the night:

Attempted car attack:

Police emerge again:




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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Oregon State Police

Munitions used


Number of arrests



  • Criminal Mischief II
  • Disorderly Conduct II 
  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Failure to Display Drivers License