Protests for August 18


On Tuesday night, protesters gathered at Colonel Summers Park in SE Portland, before marching to the Multnomah County office building at SE Hawthorne and Grand. Protesters vandalized the building, breaking windows and lighting a small fire that quickly extinguished itself. At this point, police arrived and immediately declared it a riot.

Protesters were pushed away from the building in a series of violent rushes. The tires of a support vehicle were slashed, and several assaults can be seen in the videos of reporters who were there. After regrouping, protesters marched through Ladds Addition then attempted to return to the county building again. Police blocked the marchers from continuing and they were dispersed again. Protesters then returned to their starting point at the park and concluded the night.

Scheduled Events


Protesters are starting to gather at Colonel Summers Park in SE Portland, which hasn’t been used as a protest start point for the earlier marches we’ve covered.

New stickers!

There’s a report of someone with a gun at the earlier Kid-Centered March. If I see confirmation of that, I’ll add a link.

The march is heading out!

“Take it to the streets and fuck the police! No justice, no peace!”

Tonight’s destination: the Multnomah County offices on SE Hawthorne, which is just across the river from downtown and the Justice Center.

A riot was declared at about 10:29 PM:

The protest is on the move again:

The protesters encountered riot police again as they approached the county offices:

Earlier attack on press:

Sounds like the marchers are ready to wind it up:

Good night!




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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Multnomah County Sheriffs Office

Munitions used

  • Pepper spray

Number of arrests



  • riot
  • interfering with a peace officer
  • resisting arrest
  • unlawful use of a weapon
  • assaulting a public safety officer
  • harassment
  • disorderly conduct II
  • attempt escape
  • attempt criminal mischief I
  • reckless endangering.