Protests for August 17


On the evening of August 17th, protesters met at Kenton City Park in North Portland, where they eventually left from to march to The Portland Police Association (PPA) building. At its peak, the protest numbered around 200 people. When protesters arrived at the PPA there were no officers in sight. The only appearance made by Portland Police (PPB) officers in riot gear happened towards the beginning of the demonstration, when the PPB’s loudspeakers announced that officers were coming in to check damage to the building and pushed protesters away from the building. At least one canister of smoke and some pepper balls were deployed at protesters as PPB departed.

The protest then reportedly took on a relaxed, block party ambience until Letha Winston, mother of Patrick Kimmons, arrived on the scene and chastised protesters for sitting around. In her speech she urged protesters to march through the streets and through residential neighborhoods and make their voices heard. When she eventually left, the crowd was torn between marching and staying firm in front of the PPA. Demetria Hester was also at the demonstration and urged protesters to “stay together, stay tight” (a popular protest chant), when a small group decided to splinter off and march elsewhere. This group eventually came back to the main demonstration.

Joey Gibson, a prominent figure with the local far-right, also made an appearance at the night’s demonstration, but was quickly pushed away by protesters.

Towards the end of the night a small fire was set against the PPA building, setting an awning on fire and leaving scorch marks but leaving no other visible external damage. This prompted a response from multiple fire trucks and PPB, who simply asked protesters to cross to the other side of the street rather than deploying crowd control munitions at the dwindling group. The night ended not long after without further incident.

Scheduled Events


During the day, a group of community members gathered by the Portland Police Association building demanding “the immediate cessation of militarized police activity on [their] streets”.

In the evening, protesters met at Kenton City Park in North Portland for the nightly demonstration.

Just after 10:05 pm, protesters arrived at The Portland Police Association (PPA) building.

Joey Gibson, a right wing figure and founder of far-right group Patriot Prayer, made a very brief appearance at the demonstration.

Officers in riot gear made their first appearance of the night around 11:05 pm but retreated again quickly.

Part of the crowd split off, intending to march elsewhere, while the rest of the protesters remained in front of the PPA.

The group of protesters that had split off less than ten minutes prior made their return.

Protesters put up fencing at one of the intersections by the PPA.





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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau


  • Pepper balls
  • Smoke grenade