Protests for August 11


Tuesday afternoon, the Kid-Centered March for Black Lives drew out a few dozen families for speeches, marching, and chants. In the evening, mutual aid group The Witches held a self-care event at Laurelhurst Park that was followed by a march to the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office / SE Precinct on East Burnside. Protesters stood outside the building, chanting and giving speeches. The night ended uneventfully with no arrests or munitions used.

Scheduled Events

Kid-Centered March for Black Lives – 6 PM at Sunnyside School Park

Laurelhurst Park direct action march – 8 PM


Beautiful weather today for the Kid-Centered March for Black Lives:

Before tonight’s march at Laurelhurst Park, The Witches are holding a self-care event:

The march has begun!

Protesters are arriving at the Penumbra Kelly Building, where the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and SE Precinct are located.

There’s reports that someone was badly injured after falling out of the bed of a pickup truck:

There’s another incident involving a cyclist:

There’s a sculpture of a police dog (which no protester has attempted to damage, to the best of my knowledge) inside this box:

The night ended uneventfully.




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Agencies present

Portland Police Bureau

Munitions used


Number of arrests




Protests for August 10


The evening’s demonstration took place on the night of August 10th at Alberta Park in North Portland. A few hundred people gathered at the park, departing at 9:45 pm and heading for The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) north precinct. When they arrived the PPB’s LRAD was already making announcements to protesters about not engaging in criminal activity. Protesters stood opposite a small riot line of less than 20 Oregon State Police officers standing in front of the building while they chanted, played music, played drums, and some threw eggs at and around officers. At 10:10 pm, officers announced that the gathering was an unlawful assembly, which was met by cheers and mocking from the group of protesters.

At about 11:15 pm, more officers appeared to the east of where protesters were standing, now PPB officers, and immediately began pushing protesters west away from the precinct. Officers appeared to have just been reaching protesters when they immediately executed a dynamic charge (or bullrush, as it is often called by those on the ground) that included shoving protesters from behind that were already walking way and making multiple arrests. These dynamic charges continued for several blocks as officers pushed protesters into the surrounding neighborhood and The Portland Community College Cascade campus. Even when protesters were pushed as far out as half a mile from the precinct, the LRAD still made announcements for protesters to clear “the area surrounding the precinct”.

After getting dispersed and splintered into small groups, some protesters managed to make their way back to the north precinct, where they were once again charged at and dispersed. Several arrests were made during these charges throughout the night. After this last dispersal of the already dwindling group of protesters, the night ended.

Scheduled Events


At 1 pm a press conference was held by Black Lives Matter activists, including Demetria Hester who had been arrested the previous night and had just been released from custody before the press conference. The full video below:

The elk statue that resided in Downtown Portland has seen many iterations since it was taken down after there were fires set at its base during protests (including miniature statues and inflatable deer). Its newest, most nightmarish form yet is seen below:

Community members that had gone downtown in the early hours of August 10th to do jail support for protesters that were arrested the night before remained in the area until the last arrestee was released just after 7 pm.

In the evening, protesters gathered at Alberta Park for the night’s demonstration.

At 9:45 pm, protesters departed from Alberta Park and began marching.

At about 10:05 pm, protesters arrived at The Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct.

*FLASH WARNING*: The footage below contains a rapidly flashing light.
Video Description: Law enforcement officers stand opposite protesters seen holding up peace signs with their hands. One of the officers has a strobing flashlight pointed at protesters.

*FLASH WARNING*: The footage below contains a rapidly flashing light.
Video Description: While protesters are heard playing the drums and cheering, an individual in the crowd points a strobing flashlight at officers and the police’s loudspeakers (LRAD) can be heard repeating the phrase, “stop shining the strobe light at officers” and threatens the individual with arrest and use of force. The video pans to the protester side, where members of the crowd are cheering, drumming, and dancing. (The flashing lights end :10 seconds into the video.)

Note: At least one report indicates that the drone seen over the demonstration may have belonged to a live-streamer and not law enforcement.

Just before 10:10 pm, law enforcement officers declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Around 11:15 pm, additional officers arrived from the east, perpendicular to where protesters stood facing the north precinct and began dispersing the demonstration.

At about 11:40 pm, protesters marched through Portland Community College – Cascade, which provided some cover for them from officers.

At about 12:40 am, some protesters got back to the north precinct.




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Agencies Present

  • Oregon State Police
  • Portland Police Union


  • flash bangs




Reckless Driving, Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, Assault in the Fourth Degree, Resist Arrest, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree