Protests for August 16


On the evening of August 16th, the nightly demonstration began in Downtown Portland, where local activist leaders Demetria Hester (survivor of an attack by max stabber Jeremy Christian) and Letha Winston (mother of Patrick Kimmons) made speeches on the steps of the Justice Center. At its peak, the crowd in the area numbered around 200 people. Towards the end of Letha Winston’s speech, she was interrupted by an individual who took the mic and urged protesters to “love the police” and “agree to disagree”, which the crowd vocally disagreed with. Demetria Hester, standing across the street at the federal courthouse with her own megaphone, chastised the individual, made her own speech, and led the protesters in chants.

Around the backside of the Justice Center, a smaller group gathered with cameras ready as various cars went into the parking garage in the Justice Center and officers in riot gear stood guarding the garage entrance. Many of the protesters that were at the front of the building eventually made their way to the back with the others standing by the garage as well.

The biggest conflict of the night occurred when an individual in a white pickup truck, who had reportedly been yelling slurs at protesters and swerving erratically, crashed onto the street. This individual was incapacitated by some members of the group. Details of this event are spotty and are still continuing to come out the next morning.

The only time of the night that a big group of officers in riot gear came out and faced the crowd of protesters was just before midnight, when they came to push protesters out of the area around the Justice Center garage entrance. This was reportedly done so that officers and staff members could enter/exit the building for a shift change. Officers were out on the street for less than 5 minutes before re-entering the building. By 1:30 – 2 am, the night ended without any further incident.

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Protesters gathered downtown in front of the Justice Center to hear Letha Winston speak. Letha is the mother of Patrick Kimmons, who was murdered by Portland Police.

Journalist Laura Jedeed’s thread on Demetria Hester and Letha Winston’s speeches is more detailed than there is room for in this timeline. Click on the tweet below to see the thread in its entirety.

An individual in the crowd swooped in and spoke over Letha Winston, drawing ire from the other protesters.

Demetria Hester (below) was speaking in front of the federal courthouse. The individual that took the platform from Letha Winston was in front of the Justice Center.

On the other side of the building from the main group of protesters, a smaller group filmed cars entering the garage in the Justice Center and shouted at the officers that came out to stand at the entrance.

An incident occurred with individuals in a white pickup truck and protesters.

Officers in riot gear appeared around 11:35 pm and lined the street, pushing protesters away from the back entrance of the Justice Center, then quickly retreated a few minutes later. No munitions were deployed.

A small group of protesters also gathered at The Portland Police Bureau’s North Precinct.

An unfortunate update from a journalist on the ground as the night wrapped up:

An update from one journalist on the white pickup truck situation (there is still information coming out about the incident, this is the account of one individual):




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