Protests for August 1


On Saturday, protesters gathered across Portland to march, focused on racial equity in education, solidarity from teachers and union members, and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. In the evening, a group of a few hundred marched from Laurelhurst Park in SE Portland to the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office, which is also a Portland police precinct. After chanting and projecting messages on the building for less than an hour, the protest was declared an unlawful assembly before 10 PM and police physically pushed protesters away from the building. Several protesters were assaulted, one being pushed off of a bicycle, and the police also slashed tires including those on a car clearly marked “Press”. Another reporter was maced directly in the face while attempting check the identification numbers of police officers during the push.

Downtown, large groups gathered outside the Federal Courthouse and at Salmon Street Springs in Waterfront Park. These groups included teachers and the Democratic Socialists, both wearing red. After some speeches, the Waterfront Park groups marched to the Federal Courthouse, where more people were speaking in front of the fence. The atmosphere remained energized and festive, and a speaker visiting from Seattle led a large group on a march through downtown before things winded down for the night.

Scheduled Events


This afternoon, a couple thousand people turned out for the Justice System Reform march (#WeGoneBeAlright):

The firefighters returned to their park for a second night:

SE Portland

This evening at Laurelhurst Park, folks are gathering for a march (destination TBD). Scroll down for tonight’s downtown/Justice Center content.

Arriving at the SE Portland Precinct / East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office (EMCSO):

A recent lawsuit has led to an injunction against law enforcement filming protesters (under state law, it’s illegal for them to film someone who is not committing a crime):

First warning of the night! At about a quarter to 10 PM:

At about 9:50 PM the protest was declared an “unlawful assembly”.

The riot cops (sheriffs?) attacked:

Warning: flashing lights in the next video

Protesters are regrouping, but seem to be split into a couple of groups:

More cops:

Some videos from a bit ago:

Some of the protesters have returned to Laurelhurst Park, where they started:

CW: audible violence for the video below

The remaining protesters seem to have scattered or headed downtown to join the other protest from here.


Starting with some speeches at Waterfront Park:

Now at the Federal Courthouse:

The marchers are arriving:

A group split off to march through downtown, destination unknown:

They seem to have returned, and now some of the people who were at the SE Precinct have also joined the protest downtown:

Not sure what this person’s alignment is (pro-BLM or otherwise?):

Protesters at the courthouse are going to march again:

And continuing on:

While the march is happening, some protesters are outside the federal office building (two blocks from the courthouse) having a look at the feds inside:

Still marching!




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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Multnomah County Sheriffs (unconfirmed)

Munitions used

  • Flash bangs
  • Mace and/or pepper spray

Number of arrests

PPB: two


  • Assaulting a Public Safety Officer
  • Interfering with a Police Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree
  • Resist Arrest
  • Harassment