Protests for August 8


On Saturday, a youth-led neighborhood protest held speeches and marched through the Lents neighborhood. Downtown, a large religious rally with anti-mask messages drew BLM counter-protesters. In the evening, protesters gathered at Peninsula Park in north Portland for speeches, then marched to the Portland Police Association building.

When they arrived, protesters built barricades to block traffic from driving through the street where people were standing. At approximately 11:37 PM, the Portland Police announced an unlawful gathering over the LRAD. Shortly after, a fire was set inside the PPA office. At this point, the police declared a riot and pushed protesters to the north up Denver Ave. More barricades were formed, and the next push drove protesters to Kenton Park. The riot line held while protesters danced to “I Will Survive”, then the police retreated, firing more smoke and impact munitions. Protesters returned to the PPA building and were again pushed back through neighborhood streets. The groups of protesters continued to be split up, as more arrests were made, and some marched on while others returned again to the PPA building. This pattern continued with increasingly smaller groups until past 2 AM.

At least one legal observer was arrested, and members of the press were injured by munitions.

Scheduled Events


Starting out today with an afternoon rally and march in East Portland:

At Waterfront Park this evening, there’s an anti-mask religious rally, and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters:

The Peninsula Park event is setting up, and there’s pizza ?

The event begins with speeches:

Interlude before the march:

The march is starting!

The march arrives at the Portland Police Association:

Dumpster s’mores?

An unlawful assembly was declared at about 11:37 PM:

Protesters appear to have started a fire in the PPA offices:

At about 11:41 PM, a riot was declared:

Injured reporter:

Another press injury (from other comments I think this is @econbrkfst, who documents munitions):

After regrouping at Kenton Park, protesters are headed back:

Police slashed the Snack Van tires yet again:

A group has gotten separated and is still marching:

A few protesters are back at the PPA:

The group that was marching is now 4 blocks north of the PPA:

Flashing lights in the video that follows:

CW for transphobia:

Arrests appear to have continued as smaller groups continued to protest past 2 AM.




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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Oregon State Police

Munitions used

  • Impact munitions
  • Smoke
  • Pepper spray

Number of arrests

PPB: nine


  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree 
  • Riot
  • Resist Arrest
  • Escape in the Third Degree 
  • Unlawful Directing of Light From a Laser Pointer
  • Assaulting a Public Safety Officer
  • Attempted Assaulting a Public Safety Officer