Protests for August 19


The nightly demonstration in Portland, Oregon began at Elizabeth Caruthers Park in the southwest area of the city. While a destination for the march wasn’t announced in advance, the flier for the event that went around on social media contained an image of protesters holding up signs that read, “Fuck ICE”. Paired with the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility’s location less than a mile away, many figured that would be the destination of the march. So by 9:15 pm, hundreds of protesters departed from Elizabeth Caruthers Park and made their way to the ICE building.

While [Department of Homeland Security] Federal Protective Services (FPS) officers were seen in and around the ICE building, all 3 pushes of protesters out of the area for the night were perpetrated by Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers. For at least two of the pushes, FPS officers were seen on video advancing on protesters a short distance to an intersection directly next to the ICE building before PPB officers came in and continued pushing protesters further north. During these pushes, officers were seen on video macing and shoving protesters from behind with their batons as they walked away, shoving press, and liberally deploying tear gas at protesters (particularly at the start of the third push).

After the second push away from the ICE facility, protesters managed to procure a mattress which they set on fire and subsequently carried with them part of the way back to the building. The mattress was eventually put in the middle of an intersection and other items were placed on top, including trash cans and a full size picnic table, feeding the flames.

After the third, and final, push by FPS and PPB officers working in conjunction, PPB officers withdrew from the area for the last time. A very small group of protesters elected to make their way back to the ICE building. With dwindling numbers and lower energy in the early hours of August 20th, the night ended without any further incident.

Scheduled Events


Protesters gathered in Elizabeth Caruthers park for the nightly demonstration.

The ICE building is less than one mile away from the park.

Around 9:15 pm, protesters began leaving the park to march elsewhere.

Just before 9:30 pm, protesters arrived at the ICE building.

At about 9:55 pm, federal officers declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Shortly after, federal officers left the ICE building and came out to confront protesters.

Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers arrived on the scene and began pushing protesters out of the area.

Around 10:30 pm, PPB officers retreated from the area to which protesters had been pushed. Federal officers were no longer present at this time.

Just before 10:40 pm, protesters arrived back at the ICE building.

Just before 10:50 pm, federal officers once again exited the ICE facility and began pushing protesters away from the building.

Around 11:55 pm, Portland Police declared the gathering a riot.

A few protesters managed to remain in front of the ICE building while most others were pushed out of the area.

Just before 11:45 pm, protesters arrived back at the ICE building for the third time of the night.

At about 12:05 am, federal officers reemerged from the ICE building for the third time and quickly deployed tear gas at protesters.

Multiple times in the night, federal officers were seen halting their push at an intersection next to the ICE facility, allowing PPB officers to come up from behind and continue pushing protesters north, as seen below:




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Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Services
  • Portland Police Bureau


  • pepper balls
  • smoke grenades
  • mace
  • tear gas




Interfering with a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct II