Protests for August 3


There were two different demonstrations happening in Portland on the night of August 3rd. One began at Laurelhurst Park in North Portland and then marched east to the Multnomah County Sheriffs’ Office East Precinct (EMCSO), the other was the nightly demonstration in Downtown Portland in front of the Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse.

The gathering at Laurelhurst Park was announced mere hours before it was slated to begin at 8 PM, but still drew a crowd of around 150 people who began marching to EMCSO around 9 PM. Once there, protesters chanted at police, someone put an inflatable pig at the feet of officers in the empty space between the two groups, and protesters bounced on a rogue mattress that had been placed in the street.

Things were calm until officers, claiming over their loudspeakers that objects were being thrown at them and warning protesters off of precinct property, began advancing towards protestors and pushing them east. This advance included multiple “bullrushes” at protesters, wherein the line of officers in riot gear following behind the group of protesters moving away would suddenly run up behind them and push, tackle, or arrest the members bringing up the rear of the group. There were two arrests during this time, one of which was a member of the press. Officers eventually retreated back to EMCSO, dramatically marking their departure with a few smoke bombs thrown between them and the line of protesters, who also made their way back to the precinct. After protesters returned to the precinct officers eventually retreated inside and, besides coming out to clear some tables in the street that protesters had used to make a barricade, did not have any further interactions with protesters for the rest of the night.

In Downtown Portland, the demonstration remained calm almost through the whole night. Early on, a young Black individual was arrested for unknown reasons by Portland Police Bureau officers, prompting the protesters in the area to surround the scene and watch it unfold for the protection of the arrestee. This drew out a group of officers in riot gear, who held a line against protesters away from the arrest. But riot officers weren’t out for long, and eventually withdrew from the area. From there the night remained relaxed, with a small group of remaining people playing basketball and listening to music. There were no further interactions with Portland Police for the rest of the night after the first arrest.

Scheduled Events


The timeline is split into two locations: Downtown Portland and Laurelhurst Park, where two separate demonstrations took place the night of August 3rd.

Laurelhurst Park

An impromptu gathering at Laurelhurst Park was announced midday on August 3rd.

At about 9:30 pm, the group marching from Laurelhurst Park arrived at The Multnomah County Sheriffs’ East Precinct.

Around 11:50 PM, law enforcement officers began advancing on protesters, pushing them east out of the area.

After law enforcement officers retreated back to the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office building, protesters made their way back as well.

In the video capture of Portland Police below, officers are heard joking about an unconventional use of pepper spray against protesters.

The night ended without incident after this.

Downtown Portland

Downtown, the nightly demonstration in front of the Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield occurred as usual.

At time-mark 3:20 in the footage below, riot police are seen driving up and approaching protesters that had gathered around a young black person being arrested by PPB.

Police withdrew from the area and protesters struck up a game of basketball.

Local journalist Alissa posted a thread beginning with the tweet below, chronicling the many cars that entered the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in the early morning of August 4th.

The night ended without any further incident.




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  • smoke bombs
  • pepper spray


2, 1 juvenile


Criminal trespassing II, Assaulting a public safety officer