Protests for August 5


On the night of August 5th, the main demonstration took place at The Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct, a location that until then had not seen any protests besides small ones during the day. Protesters first met at Floyd Light City Park nearby, then made their way to the front of the precinct. There, protesters made quick work of spray painting over cameras, attempting to smash the front doors of the building, and setting small fires. Just 20 minutes after protesters arrived, Portland Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and ordered protesters to disperse. About 5 minutes later Portland Police declared the gathering a riot. The tactics that law enforcement officers used to disperse protesters included tear gas, pepper balls, foam rounds, and bull-rushing and pushing protesters from behind with their batons. Several arrests were made as police continued pushing protesters for multiple blocks and into the surrounding residential neighborhood. Multiple members of the press also got footage of officers unlawfully demanding that press move off the street and onto the sidewalk (in a neighborhood that did not appear to have sidewalks) and threatening them with arrest.

As protesters were pushed into the residential neighborhoods during one of many bull-rushes executed by law enforcement officers, some community members in the area elected to open up their front yards and homes for protesters to wait safely for officers to pass. But one individual was caught on video standing on her front steps, in clear view of protesters, wearing a jacket with a swastika armband on its sleeve. This individual was quickly noticed by protesters, who demanded she remove the arm band. When she did not do so, some protesters tried to pull the band off of her arm. She eventually returned back into her home unscathed.

Portland Police, with the help of Oregon State Police, continued bull-rushing and pushing protesters further out of the area, until they were forced to split off into many small groups. These small groups managed to regroup into a crowd of reportedly over 100 people, who managed to get a short way back towards the police precinct before once again being pushed out of the area by waiting riot officers. After this last push, protesters appeared to vacate the area and the night ended.

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While the nightly demonstrations have taken place in Downtown Portland most nights throughout the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests, it appears that was not the case this time.

Protesters gathered at Floyd City Light Park right across from The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) East Precinct.

Just before 9:30 pm, protesters arrived at the PPB East precinct.

Only a few minutes after protesters arrived, PPB announced over their loudspeakers (LRAD) that peaceful protesters should vacate the area.

Just before 9:40 pm (20 minutes after protesters arrived), PPB declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Around 9:55 pm (25 minutes after protesters arrived), PPB declared the gathering a riot.

At 10:05 pm, officers in riot gear appeared on the scene.

An individual was spotted standing on their porch wearing a Nazi armband.

An officer in an Oregon State Police uniform was seen on the riot line with other law enforcement officers.

The demonstration ended not long later without further incident.

Here’s an important interview with community members who were affected by tear gas in their neighborhood tonight:




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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau


  • tear gas
  • rubber/foam bullets
  • pepper balls




Reckless Driving, Criminal Mischief I, Riot, Attempted Assault on a Public Safety Officer, Escape III, Resist Arrest, Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Police Officer