Protests for August 6


On Thursday night, protesters returned to East Portland and the precinct on SE 106th Ave. Hours before, the Portland Police Bureau posted on Twitter that they were aware of the protest announcement and it “will not go unanswered”. As protesters gathered at Floyd Light Park near the precinct, a small counter-demonstration shared their views of the protests and policing. Police encouraged this group to leave before the march arrived. As the Wall of Vets formed a line in front of the building, other demonstrators threw paint on the plywood covering the building entrance and lit a small fire in a trash can, which led to verbal confrontations with two elderly neighborhood residents.

At about 9:50 PM the police made an announcement on the LRAD that the protest was now an illegal assembly. Protesters were ordered to go north, but since the LRAD truck was also parked in that direction, people remained where they were. Around 10:20 PM, riot police arrived to disperse the protest. They rushed the crowd, forcing them to the north and east at a rapid pace that reporters struggled to keep up with or film effectively. Police also slashed the tires on the Snack Van, which was slowly following the protesters in the ordered direction of dispersal.

After pushing to SE 113th, the police held a line on SE Stark, then retreated, firing smoke canisters. Protesters followed them, returning to the precinct. Police rushed the protesters again, splitting them into multiple groups to the north and east. As people returned back to the protest origin, they were rushed again, with one group being chased through the nearby shopping center parking lots. These patterns of dispersal continued until about 12:30 AM, when the police made an announcement that the area from SE 106th Ave from SE Washington St to SE Cherry Blossom St was closed, citing a law intended for life-safety situations such as bomb threats and major disasters. In contradiction of that law, they also announced that press could be arrested for remaining in the closed area.

Smaller groups of protesters remained in the area, with most activity dropping off after 2 AM.

Scheduled Events


Having a look around before tonight’s scheduled protest at the East Precinct, a follow-up to what happened last night:

Earlier today, the Portland Police Bureau made a baffling choice to call out the PNW Youth Liberation Front, which is made up of teenage activists, for sharing information about the protest:

Because of the impact of last night’s police action, activists have organized outreach and supply distributions for neighbors who may be at risk of being exposed to tear gas again:

The increased attention has also brought out some counter-protesters:

The BLM protest is warming up:

The Wall of Vets is lined up outside the East Precinct:

First LRAD announcement at 9:44 PM:

On hearing that announcement, the vets check their safety gear:

Paint has been splashed on the building:

Just after 9:50 PM an unlawful assembly is declared:

Someone has busted up a surveillance camera:

The order to go north seems a little questionable:

Now a trash fire:

Surveillance continues:

No sign that people intend to disperse:

Quick recap:

And the riot cops are out:

Ventura Park is half a mile from the precinct. Only about 10 minutes have passed since the push started.

The police have blocked off SE Stark:

Somehow the LRAD truck got a flat tire (the Snack Van tires were slashed again – all four! – by the riot cops):

Another push:

I think this is a new tactic tonight:

It sounds like groups have gotten split up a little, but this is north of the precinct past a major arterial:

Police continue to interfere with the press:

More pushes:

The East Precinct is in a weird spot next to a defunct mall, some other strip malls, a divided arterial, and a twisty maze of residential streets, so there are a lot of ways to get separated or turned around.

Let’s have a look at happened to those police cars’ tires (note that we don’t have any independent confirmation that these caltrops were used):

Police chasing protesters and press through the Target parking lot:

Back at the East Precinct:

And pushed to SE 106th and Washington (just north of the precinct):

Then the police announce they’re closing this area and will arrest people who don’t leave, including press:

This is what they’re citing:

But they’re ignoring the rest of what that law says:

Multiple reports of the police destroying or stealing medical supplies:

Another push (north on SE 106th):

Most people seem to have left at this point:





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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Oregon State Police

Munitions used

  • Pepper balls
  • Smoke
  • Pepper spray

Number of arrests

PPB: 13


  • Interfering with a Police Officer
  • Harassment
  • Riot
  • Escape III
  • Criminal Mischief I
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Resist Arrest