Protests for August 4


Around 1 PM, a small group of protesters gathered at the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) East Precinct, where they held signs and drew on the ground in chalk their demands to defund the police. This event took place and ended without incident or any altercations between police and protesters.

In the evening, hundreds of protesters gathered at Peninsula Park at 7 PM. At the event, food and snacks were provided (courtesy of Revolution Ribs), as well as some shields for the crowd to use. Just before 9 pm, the crowd began marching: their destination – the Portland Police Association (PPA) building, home of the PPB’s union. Soon after protesters arrived, a dumpster fire was started that extinguished itself in less than an hour, after it had burned through the entirety of its contents. Some protesters were also seen knocking on the boarded up PPA building as well as spray painting messages on its walls, which PPB officers appeared to use as justification for declaring an unlawful assembly and announcing that protesters were attacking the building.

Multiple instances of violence against protesters happened at the demonstration. The first was from a driver of a pickup truck that crashed through the protest, which was blocking the street. A protester put their motorcycle in front of the truck seconds before it sped off, appearing to give the rest of the crowd a short moment to get out of the way, before the truck went through the middle of the group, pushing the motorcycle along with it. The driver of the truck was found in the surrounding neighborhood, but according to a press release by PPB was interviewed and then released without charges. Later, an individual confronted protesters, brandishing a gun that they had with them. This person then fired three shots into the air, dispersing protesters that were near them, before running off. Fortunately, there were no injuries as a result of either incident.

While PPB officers did not appear to use tear gas throughout the night, they deployed smoke bombs, flash bangs, and pepper spray at protesters while attempting to disperse the group. They also used their batons to hit and push protesters from behind when trying to move them out of the area. In total three arrestees were booked with charges, and one individual (a member of the press) was detained but taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during their arrest.

The night appeared to end by about 2 AM without any further incident or attacks by PPB or other individuals.

Scheduled Events


A small protest in front of The Portland Police’s East Precinct demanding that Portland Police get defunded took place around 1 pm.

In the evening, hundreds of people gathered at Peninsula Park for the “Direct Action for BLM” demonstration.

Revolution Ribs, the group formerly known as Riot Ribs, was back in town and feeding protesters once again at Peninsula Park.

Just before 8:55 pm, protesters left Peninsula Park and began marching.

At about 9:45 pm, protesters reaching The Portland Police Association (PPA) building in North Portland.

An update on the individual that was asked to leave for not wearing a mask:

The dumpster fire that was started soon after the crowd’s arrival quickly put itself out.

At about 10:30 pm, law enforcement officers began making announcements over their loudspeakers (LRAD).

Just before 11:20 pm a silver pickup truck drove aggressively through the crowd, pushing a motorcycle along in front of it. There doesn’t appear to have been any injuries.

The driver of the truck was found in the surrounding neighborhood and has reportedly been apprehended by law enforcement.

Just before midnight Portland Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Just after 12:30 am, there were reports of three gunshots fired in the area, prompting officers to return to the area after having just left.

Just after 1:20 am, Portland Police declared the gathering a riot.

A member of the press was arrested and was taken off in an ambulance after telling officers that they were experiencing significant pain in the position they were put in while being arrested.

*WARNING*: The footage below contains an individual clearly in distress.





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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau


  • smoke bombs
  • flash bangs
  • pepper spray


PPB: 3


Riot, Disorderly Conduct II, Interfering with a Police Officer, Attempting to Assault a Public Safety Officer