Protests for July 29


(*FLASH WARNING*: In multiple videos, federal agents were seen using a rapidly flashing light aimed at protestors. All footage that captures this light have a flash warning above them as well as a video description explaining the clip’s contents. Please avoid watching these videos if you have epilepsy and/or are affected by flashing lights.)

In Downtown Portland, demonstrations in front of the Justice Center and Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse continued as they have nearly every night for over the last 60 days. Estimates from journalists put the number of protestors in the area around 500 people at its peak.

The night began with most protestors in front of the Justice Center, where they listened to speakers and music. Without evidence of provocation, federal officers began teargassing the demonstration at around 11 PM, and continued to do so with only small breaks in between for the next few hours. At around 11:50 PM, federal officers came out of the federal courthouse from multiple sides and boxed many protestors into a few city blocks and began pushing them east away from the courthouse. Multiple arrests were made at this time. Federal officers also appeared to re-enter the courthouse building multiple times, only to reemerge each time and deploy more tear gas, impact munitions, and pepper balls at protestors. Despite the dwindling number of protestors by 1 AM, federal officers continued to deploy large amounts of tear gas.

Just before 2 AM, federal officers were seen driving into the area in two unmarked cars, one black and one white. Officers jumped out of the car and appeared to attempt to detain a protestor that was in Lownsdale Park across from the federal courthouse. It is unclear if they succeeded at detaining anyone, but they quickly got back into the two cars and drove west away from the scene. As the rest of the federal officers on the ground returned to the courthouse, they continued deploying tear gas at the small crowd that remained.

The night ended by about 3 AM without further incident or confrontation from law enforcement officers.

Scheduled Events


Local activist Mac Smiff gave a rousing speech to protestors on the steps of the Justice Center.

Transcript: “… try and reform the police, because it doesn’t do anything. The police are not a reformable institution. The police really aren’t even an institution, the police union is an institution, and the city is an institution, the Portland Police Bureau is just a group of signed checks. I’m […] right now. I need you guys to understand that our fight is a long fight. Because we are not just fighting against the city, we’re not just fighting against Donald Trump, we’re fighting against all of them. [drums] the bad guys are fighting this shit. But! They said Black Lives Matter. ‘Cause we do. But they wanted us to focus on the problem, not the solution. And they dangled the funding in front of our faces as if, oh yeah that’s not really gonna happen. And we looked into it, and that shit is real. Defunding the police is an action that can happen tomorrow. [drums] right now and cut the budget. It can fucking happen. And then quit. [drums] Understand, understand, but to do nothing is […] but know my friends talk you into voting on oversight improvement, in November. That is bullshit. And when they ask you this week, if that’s what you want to do, you tell them that’s bullshit! And you tell them we’re taking [funding?] from the fucking cops, give it to our schools, give it to mental health, [drums and cheering] Some people have way less, way less than anybody else! And you all know what I’m talking about. None of this shit would be happening, we wouldn’t have gangs and shit if people had what they fucking needed to have.”

Federal Protective Services (Homeland Security) officers were heard for the first time of the night at 10:50 PM making announcements to protestors over their loudspeakers.

Federal officers released their first round of tear gas just before 11 PM.

Federal Protective Services officers declared an unlawful assembly at 11:30 PM and deployed a second round of tear gas.

At about 11:50 PM, federal officers exited the courthouse onto the street.

*FLASH WARNING*: The clip below contains rapidly flashing lights.
Video Description: Federal officers are seen standing nearby as an offscreen group of federal agents pushes protestors north away from the federal courthouse. A trumpet can be heard playing in the background, and protestors passing by are chanting “Walk, don’t run” and “Stay together, stay tight. We do this every night”.

*FLASH WARNING*: The clip below contains rapidly flashing lights.
Video description: A line of federal officers advances east, pushing protestors away from the intersection just north of the federal courthouse. There is a group, made up largely of press, seen passing a line of federal officers facing south.

*FLASH WARNING*: The clip below contains rapidly flashing lights.
Video Description: One federal officer in a tan camouflage uniform is seen holding their weapon at eye level and shoots munitions (presumably pepper balls) towards a group of protestors, some holding homemade shields. Members of the press are seen documenting the moment to the side of the space between federal officers and protestors.

As a group of federal officers attempted to leave the scene, the side door to the courthouse they were using got jammed before closing fully.

Federal officers drove up to protestors in unmarked, seemingly civilian vehicles.




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Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Services
  • Customs & Border Protection
  • U.S. Marshals
  • Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC)


  • tear gas
  • pepper balls
  • flash bangs
  • impact munitions




Assaulting a federal officer x 3, Failure to comply with a lawful order x 1