Protests for July 28


Tuesday night’s protests downtown started with an Indigenous group gathering to sing and mark a ceremony in the park across from the Federal Courthouse. The Walls of Moms and Vets returned to stand in protection of other protesters, while speeches happened outside the Justice Center. About 1500 people were participating at the night’s peak.

Much of the night was uneventful, with periodic announcements from the Federal Courthouse and sporadic firing of pepper balls. Around 1:30 AM the feds announced an unlawful assembly, ordering people to leave and firing tear gas. There was no further escalation until after 2 AM as several members of the press began to leave, at which point a large group of feds emerged from the courthouse and began marching up the street and clearing the parks. After teargassing the area and pushing protesters toward SW 5th Ave, the feds then retreated. There was minimal activity after this until about 4 AM when a remaining member of the press was suddenly arrested.

Scheduled Events


Back at the Federal Courthouse again tonight, let’s have a quick look at the current fence situation:

Meanwhile in the park across the street, a Native group is holding a ceremony:

Hosing off the courthouse entrance while people are gathered outside seems like a good way to make sure everyone gets another dose of last night’s chemical weapons:

Speeches are happening on the steps of the Justice Center:

The moms are in place, facing the Federal Courthouse:

There’s an announcement from the Federal Courthouse LRAD:

Just before 10 PM the feds emerge from the courthouse, where few people are currently gathered. People are reporting that they briefly fired some pepper balls, then returned inside.

Speeches continue, the Native group is singing in front of the Federal Courthouse, and there’s always some chants:

Folks have been commenting that the federal LRAD announcements seem to be on a schedule:

If we confirm that from previous night’s accounts, I’ll add a note here.

There’s a small trash fire next to the fence:

The consensus from the people we’re following seems to be that the vibe is off tonight, lots of random fights and people policing others’ protests:

The bathroom situation down there has not been great, so this is a nice touch:

The wall of moms and vets moves in formation, toward the courthouse:

Another announcement at just about 11:30 PM:

Another look at the crowd, definitely smaller tonight:

A little after midnight there was a scare when the feds came out, but it was short-lived:

About 20 minutes later, a short burst of activity from the feds:

There’s another small trash fire going:

The moms are still here and ready:

Half an hour later, the feds again shoot some pepper balls at the crowd. Not much precedes this aside from the occasional firework:

Periodic announcements to not damage the fence continue:

At about 1:30 AM the feds declare an unlawful assembly:

Protesters are ordered to move away to the west and north:

Then the feds start shooting tear gas:

Protesters pull back from the fence to the opposite side of the street:

A section of the fence was torn at some point:

Around 2 AM, things had thinned out substantially and reporters started talking about wrapping up:

Not long after, the feds marched on the street:

They then use tear gas and riot munitions to clear the streets outside the courthouse and the (city) parks:

Warning: flashing lights on this video

Just before 4 AM, long after the feds had retreated back to the courthouse, a journalist is arrested:




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Agencies present

Federal: DHS, US Marshals, etc.

Munitions used

  • Pepper balls
  • Flash bang grenades
  • Tear gas

Number of arrests

Federal: one charged (as of 4pm on 7/31)


  • Arson