Protests for July 10


On Friday, a pair of marches brought several hundred people to the streets. The death of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa has impacted the Oromo community in Ethiopia, and here in the diaspora. Later, a youth-led march offered an opportunity to talk about ending racism and the steps that will allow future Black youth to thrive.

At the Justice Center, Federal law enforcement arrested a person apparently for drawing chalk lines on the street to mark the Federal property boundary. There were a handful of other, similar arrests through the night, as protesters created small fires and marched around the buildings. Tear gas was used during one of these arrests.

Scheduled Events

Protest and March Against the Murder of Haacaaluu Huneessaa – 11 AM starting from Lloyd Center

Belmont Market of Choice BLM Protest – 12-6 PM

The Last Generation Protest – 6 PM at Roosevelt HS


Today there’s a march for Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, an Oromo singer and activist in Ethiopia who was murdered on June 29:

The Last Generation youth march is heading out:

Back to the Justice Center for Friday night:

The protest is still getting started, but there was a sudden arrest:

I’m seeing reports that they were pepper-sprayed, but I’m going to decline to link to the PPB tweet that claims it was because “the subject fought officers”. No one else on the scene appears to be backing that up. ?

A handy zine!

Another arrest:

Remembering Dominique Dunn who was murdered yesterday:


Another arrest:

Juniper was released and is safe:

Additional videos from Portland Independent Documentarians:





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Agencies present

  • Federal: CBP/USM/etc?
  • PPB

Munitions used

  • Tear gas

Number of arrests

Federal: 1 charged


  • assaulting a federal officer