Protests for July 3


On the night of July 3, 2020, there were several demonstrations held around Portland; A violin vigil for Elijah McClain was held at Peninsula Park as well as the nightly demonstration in front of the Justice Center downtown. In front of the Justice Center a group of demonstrators demanding justice for Vanessa Guillen was also present. Demonstrators burned several flags throughout the night, including one with the Trump logo on it.

Around 11:00 PM, a group broke off from the Justice Center and made their way to the waterfront park, where the mother of Shatamera Pruden spoke along with other speakers citing their own experiences with police. This group then went back to the Justice Center to rejoin those that had remained behind.

The first part of the night was largely uneventful. Demonstrators handed out snacks, played music, and played soccer, unimpeded by police intervention. Besides some small inter-group skirmishes and a gun scare that were promptly dealt with by demonstrators, and some small fires throughout the night, the night remained calm until the Portland Police emerged from the Justice Center at 4:00 AM and declared a riot. At this point CS gas and pepper balls were deployed at demonstrators.

By 7:00am, Portland Police were tearing down the barricades that demonstrators had made (around 2:00 AM) in front of the Justice Center.

Scheduled Events

The 4th of the Lie Protest Picnic – 1-4PM Custer City Park

PDX Black Futures – 1:30 PM Pioneer Square

PDX Elijah McClain violin vigil – 7:30 PM Peninsula Park


A large group gathered at Peninsula Park this evening for a violin vigil for Elijah McClain, where Patrick Kimmons’ mother also spoke.

As of 10:00pm about 200 protestors have gathered outside the Justice Center downtown, including a group demanding justice for Vanessa Guillen.

A group of protesters marched from the Justice Center to the Waterfront Park, where the mother of Shatamera Pruden spoke and spread her ashes in the river.

Just before midnight, the group that was at the waterfront moved back towards the Justice Center, rejoining the group that had remained there.

At around 1:15am an individual in a car, who was allegedly armed, was spotted by protestors in front of the federal courthouse downtown.

Just before 2:00am, protestors in front of the Justice Center began building a barricade using fencing and other nearby materials.

At about 3:50am, The Portland Police Bureau declared the demonstration a riot and began shooting tear gas and pepper balls at the remaining protesters in front of the Justice Center.

At 4:00am, Portland Police and what appears to be U.S. Marshals arrived on Salmon and 3rd Street.

An update on the individual in the car that allegedly had a gun:





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Federal arrest for alleged vandalism at the Federal Courthouse

Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • U.S. Marshals

Munitions used

  • CS gas
  • pepper balls

Number of arrests

None reported as of 2PM on 7/4