Protests for July 2


Every Thursday, the family of Patrick Kimmons gathers to call for justice in his 2018 death from being shot by Portland Police officers while running away. This week about 30 people gathered at the North Precinct for a rally, then marched along MLK.

The evening protest at the Justice Center began with fireworks. About 250 people rallied at the front of the building, then moved toward the Federal Courthouse a block over after some fireworks in front of the building brought police and US Marshals out, who then began shooting pepper balls.

At 11:55 PM they declared this gathering to be a riot, then used munitions to push people west toward SW Broadway. After arrests, they returned back to the Justice Center area, and protesters followed not long after. Around 12:40 AM tear gas was used outside the Federal Courthouse. A smaller group of protesters remained there past 3 AM, with police periodically shooting pepper balls and other munitions toward the gathering.

Scheduled Events

Justice for Patrick Kimmons, 10 AM at North Precinct


Tonight at the Justice Center, things kick off with some fireworks:

11:55pm – riot is declared

Tear gas was deployed around 12:40 AM:





9 arrested after Portland riot; Feds arrest 1


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Agencies present

  • PPB
  • US Marshals

Munitions used

Number of arrests

Nine for PPB, 1 Federal


  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Assaulting a Public Safety Officer